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Exploring Psychology

Psychology, or the study of the human mind and how it functions, remains an incredibly popular college major for multiple reasons. The practice of psychology is performed professionally by psychologists. Many individuals who major in psychology may enter the major as a career step to this path. Medical physicians who...

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The Case against Compulsory Public Service

Many people are of the opinion that it is the civic duty of every American to become involved in at least one or more years of compulsory public service, either military, educational, environmental, or some other iteration of serving the public. In the United States, currently there are no such...

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Government Should Fund Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is one of the most controversial topics in the world today. Some claim that is has the capacity to cure diseases which effect and debilitate millions of people, and that it can even perform seemingly miraculous cures on people who have suffered spinal injuries. Others argue that...

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Media and Gender Stereotypes

The media is known as the mouthpiece of society in that it is used to communicate the latest trends, headlines, and notices from various sources of information to the public. There are many stereotypes that are attached to the media with respect to the way in which it influences society...

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Mandatory Public Service

History is full of events that highlights man’s fight for freedom and whose culmination into the sacrosanct provisions of the constitution further affirm the importance of freedom; especially personal. The aspect of mandatory community service however, seems to violate the inalienable right of freedom expressed in spirit and literally, in...

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Murder is Wrong, No Matter What

In a perfect utopian world, the title of this report would be an accurate statement. However, within the context of reality I must argue that in certain extreme cases murder may be necessary. Subsequently, the crime that runs rampant in various societies across the world may only be quelled by...

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Violent Video Games Should not be Banned

Violent behaviour in society is always concerning and worrying many people seek ways to stop it from occurring. Often it is assumed that one of the most common causes of violent behaviour, especially among young people, is the media which they consume. This is especially the case with violent video...

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Against Homeschooling

Education is arguably the most important investment we make in our lives. Education is so important that most countries in the world make it mandatory for children to be schooled at academic institutions, often free of charge up to high school. Schools may have become the benchmark when it comes...

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American Health Insurance

The American Health Insurance is a trade association and political support that consist of approximately 1,300 companies that issue health insurance to Americans at specified fees. Health care provision is very essential for every American. Acquisition of treatment without an insurance plan is at times unreliable since one can fall...

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How Technology (Twitter) Affects our Lives

New media practices cause moral fears. Critics say they threaten brainpower and moral character of its users. Search engines such as Google are said to lessen our level of intelligence because we glide through the surface of knowledge and do not bother to go in depth. When we search for...

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Exposition Paper

Divine command theory holds that, actions are quantifiable to God’s commands. It argues that human beings are directed by the God’s command to distinguish what is wrong and right. However, critics have argued out the validity of this theory. Their question is what is considered morally upright is commanded by...

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Chapter 16: Freedom in the Gilded Age

Even though freedom in the Gilded Age was a topic many liberal reformers based their political platforms on, it was an ideal that would be swept under the rug by many of the elite class during this time period. Social Darwinism was a belief that gained a great deal of...

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Qualities of the Successful Entrepreneur: Expository Essay

Some individuals are great at being a team player in a work environment. Their direction and support for a task or a job comes from a supervisor. Others are inclined to prefer the challenges of business ownership. In order to be a successful business entrepreneur, specific qualities are needed. These...

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Free Will And Determinism

Determinism is the view that all events have a complete casual cause. It is a philosophical idea that every state of affairs or event including the decisions and actions of human beings is inevitable. Free Will is the ability of a person to originate thoughts and behavior spontaneously. Free will...

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Expository Paper: “Maternal Predictors of Rejecting Parenting and Early Adolescent Antisocial Behavior”

Trentacosta & Shaw (2007) wished to investigate the relationship between “maternal psychological resources, rejecting parenting, and early adolescent antisocial behavior” (p. 247). In order to accomplish the completion of such a study, 231 mothers of a low income socioeconomic status who had sons between 18 months and 12 years old...

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Expository Essay On The Worldview

Growing up within a large family, the understanding of financial circumstances has been well formulated in my sense of the world. By this, I mean that I have been educated about budgeting, income, and spending habits. I have learned to make choices between wants and needs while taking into consideration...

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Bullying – A Serious Issue For Young People

Bullying is something that any child has to face at one point. Nobody is safe from it as it can hit one very suddenly and out of nowhere. Bullying is the use of threat, violent force, or coercion with the aim to intimidate or abuse. In other words, one achieves...

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Designing And Developing A Training Course

There are many approaches to training, and choosing one depends on the course structure and material to be taught. They are seminars, programmed instructions, case studies, simulation, role-playing, apprentice training, etc. All they have both advantages and disadvantages. Seminars and workshops are good in a sense that they are conducted...

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Social Network Impact On Youth

Social media and social networks are clearly a new force in the lives of contemporary youth, but it is not clear what the results might be of this new reality. Youth face very different challenges and opportunities than their parents or ancestors at the cause of this new and more...

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Body Image And Eating Disorders Among Young Ballerinas

Introduction Ballet is essentially some romantic performance art that originated from Italy in the 15th century. Accordingly, ballet has been subjected to great transitions thereby gaining a lot of recognition by the lovers of arts and music from different parts of the world. Ballet is usually characterized by the presence...

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Writing Great Expository Essays

As a college student, you probably would have had to write essays and they may not have been the most fun project. However, some persons without prior knowledge of essays may ask what is an expository essay?

Although there a number of expository essay definition, it is simply a writer's way of fully expressing and analyzing a subject matter such that the audience gets all the required information. It is a genre of essay writing that focuses on analyzing, exposing and portraying information in a detailed, convincing and unbiased manner. There are many ways to define this essay type.

When writing an essay the most important feature is you. How well do you understand your subject, and how do you relay and structure your essay so your readers understand? You can learn how to write stellar and impressive essays that will keep your reader hooked until the end.

Properly Structure Your Expository Essay

There are general guidelines to follow when writing this type of essay. Following these guidelines will help build your skill. They give you a basic layout of how your essay should be structured. Logically develop your material and avoid bad grammar. Use a spell checker to crosscheck your spellings too.

The transition between these three stages should fluid and logical, such that the reader understands clearly.

Useful Tips for Writing a Good Expository Essay

  1. The tone of your essay should be neutral and objective. Do not take a stance/side in the essay. Rather simply present your facts/findings so the readers are informed and can make a decision where applicable.
  2. Use comparison and contrast as much as possible. This allows the users to create an image in their head and can better relate to your essay.
  3. Your introduction and conclusion are the most important. The introduction should be catchy enough to get the attention of your readers and are compelled to read through. The conclusion, on the other hand, should contain a creative summary of the body. This is useful for skimmers who would usually jump to the end of a text to see if it is worth reading.
  4. Choose a topic that is interesting to you and your audience, this way you are enthused and will properly research and present your essay in style.
  5. Be original and pay attention to details. Your readers can feel your personality from the essay and would most likely relate better when they see you are honest and real.
  6. Your essay should be without error and easy to read.

Build Your Expository Essay Skill

You have written one essay successfully, you can get better with more practice. Study expository essay examples. Remember, studying is cheap compared to flunking an essay.

Expository writing is a fluid type of writing that requires knowing how to explicitly describe events and topics. Reading through this article and applying the outlined guidelines will improve your overall essay. If you’re still stuck or unsure, you can visit for base examples of expository essays.