1. In my opinion, Facebook is moving towards the business market because it stands to make a lot of money, but also stands to help out a lot of people in their small businesses whether it is by Lincoln big businesses with small businesses or simply creating a space in which a business can advertise freely and likeminded people can share ideas and post pictures, similar to the average user of Facebook. Most people do the same thing, just about their personal lives and not their business careers. It might not be the best idea, mixing business and Facebook but that is in my opinion the most likely reason they would.

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3. Facebook is free to use, you can add as much information as you want, and you have the chance to connect with other users, the idea stemming from knowing other users in real life or not knowing them in real life and meeting up with them through Facebook in real life afterwards. The whole business model is based on connectivity and communication free of charge. It is successful because it started out much more elite, and has ingenious features such as the relationship status and profile pictures. Most people are curious if they meet someone attractive whether or not they are single and this helps out a lot.

5. Facebook has changed the way people use the internet in that it has popularized the forum and blog space and made it for the layperson. Before, it was before a computer savvy person and did not have the option so much as making it personal. Sure, one could start their own blog or use MySpace, but Myspace was never hip, and blogs or chat rooms had always been and still are a very non friendly place for the general public. Facebook has changed that because it has made online communications a global phenomenon. The fact that the user can say what they want without seeing the person who reads it or even having to ever meet the person who reads it has changed the way the world talks and functions and feels. Now everybody has a voice, where is before that was an option but Facebook is the one that literally everybody uses. The more people you are connected with the more people hear your voice and it is as easy as logging into that one website Facebook.

6. Facebook initially made its money off of advertising. Facebook was so cool, that businesses all over wanted in on that advertising space. For a long time Zuckerberg withheld but when he finally did the offers were so large that he is as rich as we know he is today. There are other revenue streams on Facebook but for now management has decided not to pursue them. I don’t know exactly what they are, but they must be some kind of special membership feature, where when can have special privileges other Facebook users do not, or perhaps some kind of dating service.

7. If I were to use the website for my company I would definitely create a page for my company and invite all of my friends to like the page or friend it. Then, ideally, they would tell all of their friends have a good my services and more people would like but that is not the point, the point is by spreading the word I would get customers from a greater spectrum. I know a filmmaker my age who has a production company on Facebook and so far although it has not generated as much but as he would like, it is always there. Anybody who asks him about his movies can be directed to the page where all of them are. This is very helpful for the artist who does not have his own website.