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Performance Review Takes a Page from Facebook

In today’s society, social media is blooming drastically. Facebook is a very popular online social networking site. People enjoy receiving positive critiques and performance reviews are one of the tools Facebook uses to provide people with feedback. However, these individuals become upset when spoken to face-to-face. When performance evaluations are...

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Facebook Analysis

It is almost impossible to imagine a world without internet today. There is hardly an aspect of our personal and professional lives that has not been influenced by the internet. It may be reasonable to argue that internet has triggered the latest industrial revolution which is still in progress. While...

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Facebook Consumer Behaviour

Impression management is a term describing efforts made by individual in order to influence or control how other people perceive him. It often occurs in response to face threats defined as unfavourable incidents undercutting an individual’s ability to maintain a certain self-image on SNSs (social networking sites). Studies have shown...

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The Power of Facebook

Social media has become one of the most powerful and influential platforms in the 21st century. Due to its ability to reach optimal consumers and its networking abilities, social media has altered the way businesses and politics are conducted in today’s world. Facebook is one of the most notorious social...

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A Main Character Who Learns Something

About six years ago, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg took a critical decision to invest in Newark’s downtrodden education system; in particular, the entrepreneur donated $100 million in order to drastically transform the failing public-school system. Significantly, Facebook CEO along with Newark mayor Cory Booker and New Jersey governor...

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