Life is full of moments; some are great and others not so much. Success and failure is a common part of our everyday lives. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. While failing is not ever our goal, we do learn from it and grow from it. It is in that learning that we use to move on to even greater success. It is how we respond to our failure that makes us who we are and gives rise to success. Every day, people face some problems and even disasters, but everyone should realize that life is not meant to be easy and bad things are going to happen, and we must face them with determination to change what went wrong and grow from it.

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In life if you want to succeed in school, sports, or just have a great career, in general, he or she will have to work very hard and never give up in the face of adversity. Everyone who has achieved greatness will tell you that he or she learned by failing at one time or another. I agree with Nelson Mandela that people learn more from their failures than they do from their success. The key is never to give up on the goals you are trying to achieve. Success is great but what truly makes us strong is how we deal with failure. Being able to recover and move on builds strength of character and makes us ready for success when it does occur. For example, if you do not make the basketball team even though you want to. You spend the next year preparing for the tryouts next year by working on your shooting, your defense and in general getting stronger so that when you try out again you are more physically and mentally prepared.

Failure makes us stronger by giving us valuable life experience. We all face problems, and we can choose to give up, or we can stand up and fight through them. Failing gives us the opportunity to learn something new. It is with that knowledge we can apply it to our lives and work toward great success. Negative experiences affect us more powerfully than positive ones. The emotional level of things going wrong can make us doubt everything we know about ourselves. Once we make a mistake, we do everything possible to avoid making it again. We need to appreciate our failures for making us better people. If you always succeed then a failure could destroy you emotionally but, if you accept that sometimes things can go wrong, you are better prepared for when they do.

Failure encourages us to use our critical thinking skills and when we fail we begin to look at what went wrong and how we can do something to change the outcome the next time we try. If I do poorly on a test, I ask for help and get explanations so that I am ready for the next one. If things were easy, there would be no struggle, but many of us have something that causes our problems daily. When we are born we lack critical thinking skills, but as we grow and face difficult tasks, those skills become sharper, and we keep trying in the hopes that success is waiting for us. Disappointment is going to happen we just have to learn from it and move on. How we adapt to setbacks is a critical aspect of our lives. As we grow, we should learn how to deal better with setbacks and not react with intense emotions as we have a tendency to do when we are younger. When we are young and learning basic skills such as walking we do not give up because it is hard we just keep trying, and eventually we prevail. The more experience we have with failure, the more of a chance we have to grow and learn and become successful later on.

Persistence is the act of trying again even when things do not work out, and people who succeed in life are the ones who are persistent even in the face of adversity. President Lincoln had failed many times before he was able to succeed but he kept trying again until it finally gave him the result that he wanted. He went to war a captain and returned a private, he had several failed businesses and was defeated in several runs for public office but, he kept trying. If the goal is something that is worth having and you are determined to do it the ability to take a loss learn from it and tackle it again is the steps that you will need take. Allowing yourself to be upset and give up is not going to help you reach the end goal. We may feel disappointment, and it may sting but get to the end goal will be all the better in that you worked hard to attain it.

People do learn more from their failures because they can rethink their action plan to get the desired result in the end. Failure makes us stronger in that we can use our thinking skills to work toward improving our lives. Better thinking skills make us perform better in all aspects of our lives. Failure gives us the opportunity to figure out what is the most important to us and what is going to make us happy and fulfilled in our lives. Failures help us to look for other ways to solve problems and give us skills that will help us for the rest of our lives.