According to Frankl, the quotation; “Live as if you were living for the second time and had acted as wrongly the first time as you are now about to act” (Frankl 43), would stimulate an individual’s sense of responsibility. This is because it would give man the purpose of life and the urge to search for the true meaning of life. However, he thinks that this maxim is not effective because most people would focus on finding the meaning of their personal life other than developing a universal meaning of life. Frankl therefore attributed this to the difficulty of being able to live a better life, even when one is offered a second chance in life.

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In my life, this quotation is significant. This is because sometimes I try to change my lifestyle. It comes a time when I tend to think that I have found the true meaning life. When in this situation, I always feel like I have been refreshed and offered a second chance to correct my mistakes and avoid the previous ones. However, this has proven to be difficult because of the greater urge to find a self-fulfilling purpose for myself. Due to the pressure in the normal life of a human being, sometimes I tend to forget the true meaning of life and get eluded into the normal life of struggle, mistakes and regrets. When I realize myself again, I drift into the path of finding the true meaning of life but not for long. In Frankl’s quotation, it is evident that one would act meaninglessly but realize that they have drifted from their path. I tend to feel like the cycle repeats itself as I continue living.

I have faith in God and trust that he created me for a purpose. God has granted us the freedom to choose what path to follow in life. However, he has shown us the true meaning of life. He expects us to follow the right path in finding the true meaning of our lives. From the view of my faith in God, Frankl’s quote is significant. It gives a reflection of my life. It also gives me an opportunity to think about my life and what I have done. The question driven by this quote is; am I right or wrong? When I analyze this question in context with the maxim, I find that my faith in God, although strong, is threatened by my human desires and practices. I think I would be a better Christian if granted a second chance in life. I also know that fulfilling the full purpose of life upon being granted a new chance in life would come with a lot of difficulties due to the challenges and temptations of life.

My meaning of life is that people should trust in God and live by his commandments. Each activity practiced should be in agreement with the religious belief. The true meaning of life is finding a self-fulfilling purpose of oneself in this world. This should be reflected from the different books of faith depending on one’s religion. Although one may depend on some earthly activities in order to survive, it is also critical that they ensure their acts do not go contrary to God’s expectations of us as human beings. Frankl’s quote on the meaning of life shows us that human beings are prone to mistakes. Although it is difficult to avoid sin, it is not impossible. The maxim show that no matter how many chances we are given in life in order to correct our mistakes, we would always be at the edge of breaking the rule that comes with the grant of the second chance; “I would not make the same mistake again”. This is quite easy to say than do. For this reason, one should develop a great sense of faith in God in order to overcome the challenge of dealing with the same avoidable circumstances, each time they decide to leave their old ways and follow the right path of finding the true meaning of their lives.

Human beings are prone to sin. This has been so since the sin of Adam and Eve. It is therefore assumed that sin is the nature of man. However, sin does not please God and man should strive to avoid it in all ways. Frankl’s maxim brings into focus the situation that a man finds himself in. Since sin is in the nature of man, and it does not please God, man should avoid sin. If due to unavoidable circumstances, one makes a wrongful act, then he should make efforts to seek for forgiveness and ask for a second chance. It is evident that the second chance commandments of not repeating the same wrongful acts have been broken. It is therefore advised that one should start over and over again.

However, starting over with a second chance which entails not repeating the first mistake is difficult. Due to the forgetful nature of man, it is recommended that one should analyze a situation before reacting to it. This would avoid committing the same mistake that one had committed in the first chance of life. A second chance is given through the forgiveness of the first chance’s mistakes and failures. One comes out clean, therefore starting life all over again. In this, man should find the meaning of life and strive to avoid breaking the rule of the second chance. This would create a sense of self fulfillment and the urge to do more good than bad.

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