The older generation is often at risk of getting illnesses or injuries due to their vulnerability. The vulnerability arises out of age, which lowers the physical abilities of the body. This can lead to risks of injuries from falls. The lowered immunity from the aging process also makes them susceptible to other diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Screening and early detection are sometimes neglected when it comes to the older patients. Thus, geriatric nurses need to improve their dealing with this group of patients and provide more care. This paper analyzes the preventive needs of the elderly with regards to injuries and HIV/AIDS protection.
The elderly face higher risks of fall-related injuries than the rest of the population. These falls often lead to a decrease in the ability of those patients to care for themselves. Their participation in social or physical activities is also reduced by the injuries from these falls. Additionally, as the elderly become more aware of their fragility, they start fearing getting injured from the falls. This further limits their abilities even without the injuries. The preventive needs for the elderly start with an analysis of the risk factors such as age and illnesses such as dementia or conditions such as alcohol misuse. The nurse needs to collect all the relevant information and start the patient on programs such as T’ai chi or other exercise programs (Tidy, 2016). These help to reduce the risk of falling.

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Studies show that the elderly account for over 10% of all the new HIV/AIDS cases (DeCarlo and Linsk, 2016). These individuals rarely get tested. They are at risk since there are few programs aimed at educating them on the disease. The preventive needs they have start from the educative aspect. These adults need to be taught that they are still at risk of acquiring the disease and that they need to be tested.

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