Article 1: “Continuity and Change in Chinese Marriage and the Family” by Qi Xu and JianxinSummary
The article addresses several aspects that exists within the Chinese marriage and family as well as the continuity and changes against the social changes. Because of rapid rate of modernization and demographic transition, transitional families are being created. In such families, the new trends that come up tend to coexist with the old ones which were more powerful (Xu and Li, p 42). Because of this, there has been emergence of social differentiation and inequality in regional development. The article also addresses changes that have existed in family behaviors and the role that is being played by the government to shape the family as well as the functions of family in provision of social support (Xu and Li, p 50).

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The behavior of marriage and families have changed due to demographic and social changes that exist in the society. Such changes have modified the family behaviors. Such changes includes social stratification that existed from the past. For this reason, there has been the need for the government in come in control such norms. Family heads too play a role in shaping the behavior of the family members.

Article 2: “Social Freedom and Progress in Family: Reflections on Care, Gender and Inequality” By Lois McNay
The article discusses the social freedom that exists within the family. Gender inequality is a de-traditionalization of the gender roles that exist among the families. Gender division of labor has been leveled out in this current century. This has been articulated by an increase in the number of women who have joined the workforce (McNay, p 179). Because of these changes, their household duties have also been altered.

Gender equality is one of the current issues that are being discussed in several international forums. Women empowerment among other agendas have also risen as several efforts are being made to attain gender equality. Because of this, several changes in the family have come up. For example, in most cases, women were know of participating mostly in household work as men have been the bread winners. This has changed as both men and women are now looking for formal employment thus creating a vacuum for the household work.

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