Mission and VisionThe mission of this family business is to be a stalwart in the community, providing needed services and products while acting with the highest levels of integrity toward all stakeholders, including our customers, our employees, and our suppliers. Our vision is a business that stands the test of time, passing along our family values during a time in which businesses come and go. We envision our business being around for generations to come, leaving a legacy that we can be proud of and that the community at large can appreciate.

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Values to be Passed On
Our firm prides itself on treating every customer with respect and integrity. We deal honestly and openly in all matters with our customers, understanding that transparency is the first step in gaining the sort of generational trust that will guide our business. We treat our employees as members of our extended family. We recognize that they are more than just cogs in the company’s machine, but rather, are the lifeblood of what we are trying to accomplish. By treating our employees well in terms of pay, benefits, and working environment, we trust that they will then treat our customers well. We deal fairly with suppliers that understand uphold our commitment to excellence. We believe in sustainability and fairness, so all relationships with suppliers are based on the expectation that they will adhere to those values. Our partners are critical in our success, so we partner only with those who are committed to excellence in the same was we are. We recognize that our competitors are not enemies, but rather, are providing services much in the same we are. We should treat them with respect while understanding that our own products and services have value. Finally, we understand that the community is important, and we want our business to always be a part of the community around us.

Family Brand
The family name should be timeless and should reflect the overall values of the family moving forward. With this in mind, all member who are acting under the family name should strive to represent the family well in terms of behavior and appearance. Family members should not engage in bribery or corruption when it comes to public officials. Rather, family members should always be looking for ways to develop relationships with influential people who can be helpful. Family members should always be positive in social media postings and appearances on traditional media. The family’s brand is positivity, and even if the world is quite negative, the family should not engage in postings and appearances that are too controversial in nature.

Employment Policy
While the company will look to continue to employ members of the family, those members must be qualified for their positions. For those working in management positions, a graduate degree is required, as well as five years of experience outside of the family business. Internships will be available to those who are involved in college, completing community service, and holding at least a 3.0 GPA. Lower level positions may be available to family members who are in good standing with the law.

Next-Generation Family-Member Development
It is critical that the business continue to develop new leaders within the family. This means that the family will always make available financial support for upcoming family members who want to better themselves with professional skills or additional education. Those who demonstrate a commitment to the family business and providing value will find that there are opportunities available to them.

Board of Directors or Advisory Board
The board of directors or advisory board is designed to keep the business on the right track. It will be made up of five family members and four members outside of the family. It will have the ability to oversee decisions made by management and provide advice on the way forward. It will have one meeting per quarter to discuss financials, and may be required to meet in emergency session when difficulties arise.