Khalel is one of the best brothers I have ever had. He always makes me have a sense of having a brother, and I am always grateful for him. He is 18 years by age. I am 5 years older than him. He is the third born of the four of us, I being the first born child of our family. He comes in between my two sisters, that is, the second born and the last born sisters. Because of being born in between girls, Khalel has developed some funny character that makes me always cautious of him as well as his character.
In most occasions, you will always find him wearing red cotton pullover, a skinny black Gucci jeans, and classic white LV belt. In addition, he never forgets to put on his blue “New York” labeled hat. He adores his hat so much. Whenever you could ask him, “Khalel, why do you love wearing that hat so much?” He will not hesitate to answer you, “You may not know why I love it, my friend just came with it from his journey to Australia, and so I love it because it is an imported hat.” I never saw any concrete reason in his explanation, but I just didn’t bother him so much.

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One could detect my brother when he is several miles away. He has a funny smell that makes him distinguishable from the rest. He had bought a particular hair spray that he always applies on a daily basis that makes his hair smell like a strawberry. Because of his strong perfumes, his room always smelt of fresh air that blows right from the sea. Something funny with my brother is that he does not like taking shower much often. When he has gone for several days without a shower, you could feel a smell of dust like trash coming from him. This was at time disgusting until you will hear my mother forcing him to go and take a shower. This made me too harsh on him as it as my responsibility to see him a clean man. I took the shower frequently and so whenever I am from taking a shower, and I could also remind him to do so, so that he does not smell like dust and trash. My mother also gave him a strong cologne that smells like a passion fruit which he likes applying to his body so much.

His movements were always funny. He likes walking so fast, that when he is with my little sister, you will hear her complain, “Khalel stop running so fast, am not good at running.” She could say that when you find him walking too quickly forgetting that he was walking with a seven-year-old girl. My mother always referred to his walking style saying that he walked like a rabbit that was escaping from predation. In jumping, my brother could jump just like a lion who has just spotted a prey and could not spare it. My brother is also good at running as he also participated in athletics in his elementary school. He even won a medal during their primary competitions.

He was a so strict kind of a person though one might not tell this quickly unless you interacted with him so much. I remember, on a particular occasion when he could say, “I do not let any person take something that is mine. In case he or she made it, I won’t let him or her leave with it. However big or small that person might be, I must follow him and stop him from taking it.” Then I could as him, “what if that person is elder than you then he takes away something and refuses to return it, what will you do?” He could answer, “I will call out for assistance.” That was so kind of my brother.

As I was planning to leave for the U.S, he could tell me, “Remember, bro, do everything that will always make you happy and restrain yourself from the bad friend.” I found this much encouraging to hear from my younger brother. At times, you will as well hear him telling me, “always eat healthy food so that you can be a perfect person.” This was much encouraging to hear from him.

My brother loves movies so much. You will always find him in the living room watching with his friends. This is what he loved most. One could not miss to find him at the movie theatre on the weekends watching with his buddies. Furthermore, he also likes swimming. On most occasions, when he is not watching the films, you will find him at the beach or the neighbors’ swimming pool. These are the activities that he loved doing most. When the time comes, I would also like to see him here with me in the U.S in my apartment when he gets his Ph.D. I would like him to see how my life is in the U.S.

During his early educational life, my brother failed his exams and got a very low grade. This made him so disappointed, and this made him feel as so low. I found him in his room crying and so I went to find out why he was crying. When he told me, I encouraged him and told him not to be much worried about that rather he should work hard to improve in class. I told him not to give up.

On another day, I and my brother went camping with our family. Then he said, “bro, let’s go hunt for birds.” I agreed with him and so we went some miles hunting for birds. As he was driving, I saw a large bird and screamed at it. He also looked at it and suddenly the vehicle lost the control. The car hit the tree, and I was hurt on my left leg. He called out for help, and we were rescued in the meantime. That is all my brother has ever been.