Family genetic history is highly likely to influence people`s health in the future. Genes carrying out vitally important information are passed on to a child at birth and then make an impact on the child`s further development. Every person may have a genetic predisposition to this or that disease which once can be triggered by the impact of environmental conditions. For instance, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Adult participant`s father is diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes along with hypertension passed on to their sisters. The participant is also diagnosed with hypertension and PRE-Diabetes. Also, he suffers from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder which has not been detected in their family genetic history. The family genetic history shows that both the participant and their sisters belong to an at-risk group and have a genetic predisposition to their parents` diseases. Under the influence of specific factors, including everyday habits, lifestyle, environment, or any other activity, trigger these diseases. Being aware of family genetic history may help to avoid potential complications.
To ensure the wellness of the adult participant and their family, it is recommended to focus on two main factors which are behaviors and environment (Johnson, 2010). People that are genetically predisposed to hypertension, should be involved in the regular physical activity. Sticking to the diet is required to prevent the development of diabetes. The participant should control their weight in order to avoid potential complications and high blood pressure. Cholesterol free, low-fat products and fast-food-free nutrition are required to gain maximum level of well-being for at-risk adult participants. Giving up smoking and drinking alcohol is necessary to maintain normal blood pressure. The daily norm of caffeine should be reconsidered. The at-risk group should exclude caffeine from their ration in order to ensure normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

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