With extensive experiences as a nurse, I am ready to acquire a certificate as a Family Nurse Practitioner to increase the amount of people that I can aid. Through my experience as nurse I have had the opportunity to help people with preventative medicine, as well as supporting them though their health issues and I will be able to assist them even more as a nurse practitioner. There is a growing demand for nurse practitioners in today’s medical field. My extensive experience will make me a qualified candidate to bring advanced medical services to my patients. Because as a family nurse practitioner, I will have a graduate-level education, and extensive training in the clinical setting of family medicine, I will be qualified to diagnosis and treat a wide variety of differing health conditions of the mind and body . There is a need for more family nurse practitioners in the industry and therefore gaining my certificate would be advantageous to the medical field.
Growth in employment opportunities for nurse practitioners has increase due to an aging population, unhealthy lifestyles, passage of the Affordable Care Act, and an increase in outpatient care. As Baby Boomers reach retirement and beyond, there are more people who need more medical care which puts a strain on the number of doctors available to help. More people are also living unhealthy lives. Obesity, even in young people, is a burden on healthcare professionals due to the many different medical condition associated with excess weight. The Affordable Care Act has allowed more people to have access to healthcare, indicating a need for more healthcare practitioners. Advances in medical technology has allowed for more outpatient care in fields such as oncology, rehabilitation and even surgery. These aspects have provided a basis for the need for more family nurse practitioners .

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