While thinking of the challenging situations, surrounding family settings, strengths comprise driving factors for finding stability and the common ground when it comes to dealing with the challenging circumstances. To clearly outline the strengths of my family, I will refer to the strong sense of responsibility, readiness to help and punctuality. Some of these traits may reflect the common perception of our mentality, yet the majority of strengths derives from the long-lasting and hard work.

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A strong sense of responsibility is one of the major characteristics that could be drawn to our family. If one of our family members promised something to someone else, it is uncontested that it will be done. Furthermore, we possess a strong sense of responsibility towards one another, while being supportive towards each other. Moreover, our sense of responsibility is often being translated into leadership. Namely, if one cannot fulfill the given task, there is always reassurance that another member of the family will step in. That is why responsibility can be considered as the major strength of ours.

No less important is to mention that our family is very punctual. Keeping the timing on track shows our value and respect towards the number of tasks we are to fulfill. We were taught that arriving on time was one of the most important values for gaining respect among others. That is why we try to preserve the sense of timing in everything we do.

Besides punctuality, our family is ready to help others when that is needed. In other words, we are a responsive family with the sense of readiness to be there for others. Furthermore, if one needs the support or back-up, our family is a reliable source for such support in different circumstances.

These three characteristics of my family would serve as a useful tool in my professional career.


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