Given the nature and the size of the Family Support Center, there are problems that are bound to come up. The problems vary in terms of the duties carried out by the employees as well as control measures set forth. Among the problems identifies, one of them includes the donations from Sarah to the accountant. In a normal typical organization, the accountant is responsible for the handling of all cash and cash related activities. But for the Family Support Center, in addition to preparing bank deposit slips, the accountant is also responsible for donation records. The organization has other employees. One of them should be tasked with updating the donation list and records. The donation list is a very sensitive document in the organization. One of the four employees should be solely tasked with updating the list so as not to burden the accountant.

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In addition to that, another problem arises from the amount of workload placed on the accountant. As mentioned earlier, apart from the normal accountant job of preparing deposit slips and reconciliation statements, the accountant also updates donors’ files, make deposits into the organization’s bank account, acknowledges the pledges made by accountants, and makes a follow of the donors’ fulfilment. All this can prove to be tiresome and tedious to one person. The situation can be improved by distributing the extra workload to the Manager and other staff members. Each one of them should have a defined role so as the job responsibilities do not conflict with one another.

Lastly, files back up present another issue of contention to the organization. Currently, the manager is neither backing up the files nor storing the files in his. This can be risky to the organization. Data and file backup ensure that the organization can be able to have an access to their files once an incident occurs. Such incidents include system crush or natural disasters (Tamang). The Family Support Center can make use of a number of back systems to ensure the safety of their files. The back up can be either in the offices or offsite. The cloud back-up system can make for easy back and retrieval of files easy at any convenient time.

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