A family trip to Asia must be able to ensure everyone can explore a new culture, have fun, and stay safe while ensuring that activities, accommodations and meals are affordable. Hong Kong is a destination that provides that perfect balance.
Hong Kong is convenient for families. Flying into Hong Kong can be easier than many other destinations as it is a hub of international travel. Once there it is easy and affordable to get around the city using the MTR train system, even with a pram. Families can take advantage of new accommodation sharing platforms like Airbnb to find an affordable suite that also provides the ability to make meals in a kitchen. This can save a considerable amount of money, and makes it easier to keep a family routine.

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Exploring a new culture is the prime attraction of going to far away Asia. The first full day can be spent this way while getting bearings such as the closest grocer and convenient stores, the closest MTR station and things of that nature. Of course, the family will want to have a meal out, and they will be able to choose from both authentic Asian or Western cuisine. Making a list of restaurants and stores that the family wants to visit as you walk about it one way to make sure that there are plenty of ideas on where to go as the week goes on.

There are many high quality public playgrounds in Hong Kong, including Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, Snoopy World and Mount Austin Playground. This can provide a low-key, low-stress outing that combines all the best features of a vacation day.

Disneyland is of course a great attraction for families, and it is easy to get to on the MTR train system. It is worth spending a day, if not several, at the amusement park as a family. For older children, Ocean Park may be the more appropriate attraction. The Disneyland in Hong Kong is considerably more affordable that other Disney related theme parks, which can help to make multiple day passes worthwhile.