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Social Work with Australian Family

IntroductionThe challenges faced by Australian social workers dealing with families stem from political, cultural and social diversity issues. In most case, the challenges resonate with those of nations with similar demographics. Social workers have to adapt to these problem by adopting best evidence based practices in their roles. Proponents of...

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Healthy Family

The family is considered to be the basic unit of a community which means that a healthy family contributes to a healthy community. Various traits such as effective communication and listening as well as sharing of leisure time among others are identified by Kaakinen, Hanson and Denham (2010) characterizing healthy...

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Family Business Constitution

Mission and VisionThe mission of this family business is to be a stalwart in the community, providing needed services and products while acting with the highest levels of integrity toward all stakeholders, including our customers, our employees, and our suppliers. Our vision is a business that stands the test of...

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Charles Manson

Charles Manson was a cult leader and a mass murderer. However, he directed the murders through the cult he controlled, a group of young men and women called the “Manson Family.” The Manson Family were justly feared because they engaged in mass murders, and no one was out of their...

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Manson Family

Susan Atkins Susan Atkins was considered the third family member in the Manson Family and was convicted of murder. She has since died of cancer in 1969 and was California’s longest serving inmate. Charles Watson Called Tex, Watson was one of the henchmen who was involved in Manson’s murders. He...

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