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Subjectivity of a Non-Fiction Work

Part A The Non-fiction work I chose is the Biography of Edward Low, who is termed to be one of the cruelest English pirates who ever existed. This Biography was written by Christopher Minster, who narrates quite effectively how Low was able to rise from a very basic level of...

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An Interview with Carol Ann Duffy

How did your interest in poetry begin? I first began writing poetry at the age of 11. Before that, I wanted to write, but I was mostly a reader. The two go together so often. Ask most writers why they write and they tell you they tell you it all...

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Believability in the Narrative Setting

“Humans are essentially storytellers,” Walter Fisher wrote in describing what he called the Narrative Paradigm (Fisher 265). Fisher wrote at length about the ability to persuade using stories rather than focusing so much on arguments. In his view, stories are more likely to pull people to one way of thinking...

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Anne Bradstreet: The Author To Her Book

In her poem “The Author to Her Book,” Anne Bradstreet uses similes and metaphors to enhance the theme of a fledgling author’s embarrassment at having her work published before she was ready. For example, in the line, “I cast thee by as one unfit for light” (line 9), Bradstreet uses...

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Edgar Allan Poe Writing Style

When thinking of a theme that unites some two stories of Edgar Allan Poe, I came up with the idea of otherness. It could probably be explained by my perception of the writer as someone who followed a really different path in his life, a kind of a unique literary...

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