Atlantis is a beautiful city by the sea where everything is done traditionally. There were no phones and not a single invention of technology. People relied on the traditional means of communication. They would send letters and use smoke signals to pass a message from one place to another. It was the norm. They farmed and did their domestic work together. It was a community that shared everything; they lived as a family. However, two young men had been working on an invention they had discovered. Their names were Davis and Collins. They worked day and night on a device that would be used by people to communicate with each other from anywhere. They hoped it would change things in their city and life would become easier for everyone.

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The two devices were a little big and used two batteries to power them. They had buttons that they would press to input a number to connect to the other device. Their invention backfired and caused injuries to the two young men. A few hours earlier they had each gone to different places, and one had called the other. They thought they would be able to communicate from a mile away. They could not wait to tell people about their discovery if it worked. It would have been a new dawn for the city of Atlantis. But it was a good day gone badly. The two men had sustained injuries on their hands and ear after the devices they were using exploded.

Their parents and the community at large were devastated. These two men had the best interest at heart for their people and this had almost cost them their lives. It was a good thing they were still alive but they would never be able to regain their sense of hearing with the affected ear. What started off as a hopeful invention ended in disaster. There has not been any other invention being worked on in the city of Atlantis. The people now believe that trying to advance their technology is a curse and would bring them bad luck. So they chose to stick to their traditional methods.