Fascism is a political regime that works to serve the interest of the state while it undermines the public rights. Fascist governments are opposed to democratic rights of the people it rules. Fascism believes in the greatness and superiority of the nation. Dictatorial regimes mostly live in fear and therefore controls military power and also directly influence media productions. These fascist regimes mostly lead to the uprising of labor movements. Labor movements are campaigns done by people of the same interest to fight against the oppression of the people by state. These are people under the regime that revolt against the state to address the current imbalances. The campaigns are meant to create awareness to the state to improve the rights of workers. Some of the universal rights are reasonable salaries and better working conditions.

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Recently in the state of West Virginia, there have been teachers strikes across the whole state. The teachers have held demonstrations to fight for what they believe are their rights enshrined in the constitution. Some of the primary issues they complained about are rising cost of premium insurance covers and enormous health care costs. According to experienced teachers, the amount of cash being deducted was almost ten times higher than it was ten years ago. A teacher was quoted saying that “It’s got to be all-in or nothing,” They said they are not happy with the way the state was running public issues (Goldberg, 2018).

The teachers also stated that there is an insufficient number of teachers in the schools. They said that sometimes they were forced to teach some subjects they were not trained or certified. The teacher’s union indicated that they wanted a 5% pay rise for them to return to work. The 5% pay rise was approved by the house of delegates, but the Senate rejected the proposal. The state intentions were to oppress the teachers by denouncing that pay rise despite recording higher returns. Just like other fascist regimes, the senate and state tend to believe that some human rights can be discarded depending on situations. On the hand, the teacher’s perceived this as torture and oppression. The Senate stated that the state would not be able to raise funds to pay for the teacher’s demand (Goldberg, 2018).

A committee of five members has been formed to discuss an agreement between the house of delegates and the Senate. One of the house delegates urged the house of delegates to consider the pay rise bill before passing any other law. Meanwhile, teachers vowed not to return to work until their demands are met. Parent and students also joined the teachers in demanding for the teacher’s rights. The parents said that the state should stop playing politics with the lives of their children (Goldberg, 2018).

The union chairperson stated the labor unions lacked bargaining rights. He noted that the state is always threatening the union. This is a tool used by fascist regimes to drive fear to the masses and then rule without feeling like their security was compromised. According to the state laws, it is illegal to strike or picket. This showed how the state was using state laws to suppress the democratic rights of the workers. However, this did not stop teachers from picketing and holding demonstrations at the Charleston state capital. They chanted songs of liberation. The teachers said that this was not only a strike but a movement to take back their West Virginia state.

Labor unions are the only real threat to fascist regimes; therefore, they create laws such that those unions are eliminated or suppressed. But according to history, most fascist regimes fail. The trade unions mostly successfully fight to improve life for its workers. The will of the majority always prevails at the end of the day.