Seeing the joy on people’s faces as they wear your creations—this is the reward about which every future fashion designer dreams. This dream, however, takes years of dedication, hard work, and excellent education, which motivates me to apply for your graduate program. After researching various schools, I am impressed by the goals presented in your mission statement and realized through your innovation and expert faculty that cares about every student. A degree in fashion design from your program will prepare me for the challenges to successfully attain my dream.The first reason that I believe I will both profit from and contribute to your program is my educational background. My undergraduate concentration is fashion design. During these studies I have had hands-on experience with fabrics, textiles, accessories and more. I take education very seriously, amassing a record of punctual, near-perfect attendance. During school I had the opportunity to collaborate as a member of design teams, and found that my verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills were indispensable. In addition, I am extremely deadline-driven and efficient with time management. Not all of my education, however, has been in the classroom. Recently I joined the Saudi Club Organization of our media department. This has given me the opportunity to see my work come to fruition, along with that of my colleagues. The challenge pushes me further and is quite enlightening, and only reinforces my desire to excel in the field of fashion design, using computer and media tools to accentuate my talents.
Another reason that I am attracted to your program is the fact that much of my interest in the graphic aspects of design coincides with adept computer skills that I have honed for years. Teaching myself to use programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Filmmaker and ProShow has given me an appreciation for the importance and creative possibilities enabled by proficiency in computer graphics. Much of my spare time is spent researching the newest trends in fashion, as well as designing abstract and random graphics. I keep abreast of the latest advancements in products such as Adobe, diverse panels, video editing, and similar endeavors. In fact, I count among my early creations colorful posters, invitations, baby shower themed products, even striking business cards which I have designed and marketed. I find creativity at every level, from inspired clothing to small but clever cards.
Third, I have diverse work experience that can be enhanced through studying at your institution. Not only do I want to create, I have aspirations to teach someday, and I am convinced your program will provide me with the tools to do both. Studying at your school would be a privilege for me and open doors for my future.
In summary, I believe that I have shown the desire and the drive necessary to succeed in your graduate program. I am a self-starter as well as a good asset to any team. My discipline and dedication to the field of fashion design is without parallel. Just as I believe your school will provide me with outstanding resources, I am confident that I can bring pride to the institution as I pursue my career as an alumnus. Working together, your school and I lead me to achieve the accomplishments of a lifetime and enrich the lives of others by improving my talents with your unique opportunities, in my own field of dreams.

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