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Arab Cloak: Women & Men Clothing

Arab cloak is a loose cloth that is worn over other clothes. It is a ceremonial clothing and used for specific purposes depending on the situation or circumstances (Ataturk 193). The cloth is used for events and concerts, but women sometimes wear for the purpose of fulfillment of both religious...

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You Can Tell A Lot About People By What They Wear And Eat

What people often wear and usually eat defines their attributions. Take an instance of food. People who eat high profile and expensive foods such as South Asian palm civet on a regular basis can be said to be from higher social class. A South Asian palm civet usually costs about...

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Sustainable Fashion Project

Formal interview session was conducted with Sarah-Jayne Smith, the founder of the Magpies & Peacocks project, via Skype. The interviewee was approached on LinkedIn and asked to discuss the business idea of the project, the process of getting started with the venture and some personal points of point with getting...

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Value Chain Analysis

Lululemon Athletic, Inc. has relied on the vital components of the value chain to execute the majority of its operations. Critical scrutiny of the various activities in Lululemon Athletic, Inc. illustrates the adoption of dynamic approaches in performing multiple processes. For instance, in the outbound component of the value chain,...

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Find Your Greatness

In the video “Nike: Find Your Greatness” is a series of Nike commercial campaigns that shows every people around us can be extraordinary. The campaign was run during the 2012 London Olympic Games. It was very surprising that this series of campaigns did not put focus to sport professionals or...

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