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Chanel And Modernity

Coco Chanel is known as being one of the main innovators of modern women's fashion. In fashion, modernity has two possible meanings: the first meaning is that it refers to an aesthetic style, often using minimalist features and solid colors. This look was modern because previously, much of fashion included...

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Installing Human Hair Extensions

Installing human hair extensions is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to enhance your beauty in a matter of minutes. In almost every music video and on every catwalk all over the world there are beautiful women with long luxurious locks. Long and thick hair has long been...

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Exhibit Design: American Clothing from 1940 to 2000

There are many fashion trends which have symbolized many themes and ideas in history. Some articles of clothing have stood for the sacrifices made by the citizens of this nation in the name of patriotism, while others have symbolized the declaration groups have made against authority figures. In some cases...

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L’Oreal of Paris: “Bringing Class To Mass” With Plenitude

Plenitude a product by L’Oreal was incepted into the United States market during the year 1988. Since its introduction, the company managed to dominate the United States market for 8 years before facing stiff competition and consequently submitting to Pond’s, a different product by another company. Before the company launched...

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Zara Trends

The top in-store trend famous with Zara is the oversized plaid blazers. Many Zara fans are appreciating the 90's plaid as well as the strong shoulders. The plaid blazer is appropriate for many occasions this Fall. For instance, when it is cold outside but a winter coat is too much....

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