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Celebrities and Fashion Brands: Never-ending Love

Today, the connection between celebrities and fashion is incredibly strong. Many famous entertainers, actors, and models collaborate with fashion brands. These relationships are very beneficial for stars because they boost their popularity and turn them into style icons. In this article, we will explore how fashion and collaboration with brands...

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Global “Circulation” of Asian Popular Culture: Korea Fashion

Korean culture has been influenced by the cultures of the countries in Asia and even Europe. Hybrid fashion has unique and well incorporated features that link most of the fashions of the West and Japanese, including other Asian countries. Korea has grown immensely over the course of the past 5...

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Fashion and Social Impact

Introductory Thesis Statement Fashion design is contributing to a larger percentage in the deterioration of American social platform, in terms of simulation of celebrities’ unmannered clothing, adverse dietary behavior and unofficial conduct in working environments. Give a brief overview of fashion and social impact. Fashion entails a part of human...

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World War II Regulations and Its Influence on American Women’s Fashion

Fashion of a certain period of time can tell a lot about the predominant social views of the time and the political and historic events of that period. During World War II, governmental regulations dictated men and women fashion, however, referring to the war period as stagnation in clothing style...

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The Fashion Channel

The Fashion Channel has been performing well, and its executives have been striving to make the marketing strategies to be successful. However, the company still faces some challenges that may affect its performance. The company faces competition from major television channels such as CNN and Lifestyle. These organizations have introduced...

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