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Analysis Of The RMIT Emerging Designer Showcase

On Saturday, August 27th, I attended the RMIT Emerging Designer Showcase at Melbourne Central, where the works of the University’s School of Fashion and Textiles’ top designers from its Bachelor of Fashion Design Honours program were on display, before they’d appear on the runway that following Sunday night. By attending...

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Fashion Manufacturing

Did you know free trade and fair trade are similar but yet different in many ways? Free trade involves exchanging businesses without restrictions and with products and/or services at $4 or less per hour. Fair trade, on the other hand, focuses on the control of the balance in labor wage...

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Fashion Merchandising and Management Statement

One of the things I love about American culture is that people are encouraged to follow their passion as a career. Career is not merely seen as a way to generate economic resources as is the norm in many Asian cultures. Instead, one is encouraged to pursue a career that...

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Underwear as an Outerwear

Traditionally, underwear is considered to be clothing that is worn underneath t-shirts, jeans, and other traditional outerwear. Underwear is understood to be a single layer of clothing that protects outerwear from bodily exudation and protects the wearer from unwanted rubbing or friction from articles of outerwear. However, there is currently...

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Why Fashion?

It seems that admiring art, in all its forms, is a universal impulse. Virtually anyone asked about the subject will respond by asserting that art, or at least certain types of it, has a profound effect on them. For me to say, then, that art means a great deal to...

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