The Speedee Service System of delivering fast food is still in use today. It is cost efficient because it can utilize unskilled workers to make the fast food. In a fast food restaurant, not only can several items be made at once, but also they can be made in bulk. The idea for fast food is to have the customer in and out in a metter of minutes-just wrap and bag the food and hand it to the customer. other ideas for the fast food restaurant included placing your order, paying for it and picking it up at the counter; food being individually wrapped, being able to eat all of the food without a fork or spoon, inexpensive, chain restaurants all look the same, and chain restaurants would have the same menu. This concept has spread all over the United States.
Food in a fast food restaurant chain all tastes and looks the same. The reason for this is because the food comes in big trucks to the restaurant. The food has been frozen and will remain so until the cook reheats it. They do not make anything from scratch. The food has added artificial flavors so that it tastes the same no matter if you eat it today or two months from now. Each chain has its own distribution network. This involves using a warehouse for storing the food, factories for creating the food and adding the chemicals to it, and truck drivers who bring in the food. It is a mass production of food.

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Fast food may be quick, but it is also unhealthy. It has more calories, sodium, sugar, and fat than the same meal prepared at home. Fast food also has a lot of trans fat in it which can cause heart disease. When the factory is producing so much food at once and a bit of bacteria like E. coli gets in, it can cause a lot of the food to go bad which can cause a lot of people to get sick or die. Fast food is not very healthy to eat. If a person were to eat a Big Mac, large order of fries, an apple pie, and drink a large Coke, he would consume 1701 calories, 72 grams of fat, and 1630 milligrams of sodium. This is about what a person should consume over the course of an entire day. The other thing that makes it unhealthy is the actual meat that is in the burgers. It is something called pink slime which is basically the throwaway scraps that have been mushed together to form meat patties. Several years ago a movie came out entitled Supersize Me. It was about the bad effects of fast food. This guy ate nothing but McDonald’s food for an entire month. This man gained 24.5 pounds and his blood cholesterol went up 65 points.

The effects of fast food on the body are harmful. This food is full of empty calories. The high number of carbohydrates can cause type 2 diabetes and can contribute to not being able to control type 2 diabetes. The amount of sugar in fast food can contribute weight gain. The amount of trans fate can contribute to heart conditions, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. This food has a lot of sodium in it which can cause you to feel bloated, increase your blood pressure, and cause you to build up fluid. This can be dangerous for the heart especially if you have congestive heart failure or any other heart problems. A recent study also said that eating too much fast food can cause depression. One of the most awful effects of eating too much fast food though is obesity. Obesity can trigger a lot of other problems as well. It can also cause a lot of dental decay and even acne. With so many problems associated with eating fast food, why would anyone want to eat it?

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