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Gender Roles

After working through this course’s reading I gave much thought to gender identity and was questioning myself a lot as for the nature of my own gender identity. It is hard, however, to be honest with one’s own self, it is, probably, nearly impossible to openly and readily give answers...

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How Did the Second World War Affect the Increase of Feminist Movements?

In the 1920s, feminist movements were characterized by the suffrage movement, which led to women attaining the right to vote. In the 1890s, the women’s movement was majorly focused on general inequalities in the society such as poor housing and working conditions as well as social injustices such as prostitution...

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Gender and Feminism

My parents always wanted a boy. I didn't know it at first, of course, but even in the first two years of my life, when I was still an only child, the apple of their eye was elsewhere. Even once my brother was born, I had no feeling of anything...

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Inequality of Women

The treatment of women in the contemporary society reflects the low position and power that the female gender has in the society (Segal, 2015). This treatment is a significant example that portrays the relevance of feminism, as its objectives have not yet been met. Feminism dates back to the 1800s...

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Feminist Theory: Emily Dickinson’s “My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun”

Emily Dickinson’s “My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun” may be read as a reflection of a certain paradox which shapes the female gender role in a patriarchal society. Namely, on the one hand, as is made explicit in Dickinson’s key imagery of this poem of the “loaded gun”,...

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