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Feminist Ethics

The notion that care is innately feminine is not only a claim that is based upon an essentialism, which assigns specific gender roles to women, but is arguably also a limitation of what care itself can accomplish. Namely, there are two presuppositions at stake in this notion, rooted in the...

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Thoughts about Feminism

With regards to the reflective exercise that asks to what extent I am a feminist, I found that the majority of my responses fell under a category of the pro-feminist position. This is the result of two major points in my own world-view. Firstly, I have always supported the position...

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The Definition Of Feminism

Hook’s definition of feminism encompasses the idea that feminism needs to change the way that we view both genders. It suggests that we need to reduce sexist thinking, but to do this we do not need to highlight the differences between the two genders. Feminism is a movement to reduce...

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What Is Feminism?

For thousands of years, women in various cultures were subservient to men. In most cultures, the lineage commonly follows the male in terms of family ancestry and structure. Even though there is no religion or rules saying so, most males, culture, traditions as well as families preferred it that way....

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Do Women Adopt a Feminist Position When Reading Literature?

Between the lines of every history book is an untold story. Those stories belong to the women history has forgotten. The rise of feminism challenges the idea that women did not shape history and that the past belongs only to men’s accomplishments. This begs the question, is it possible for...

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