The end of World War II marked the beginning of prosperity and peace to United States citizens; however, it was defined by increased anxiety between the US and the Soviet Union. This created fear among Americans that the Soviet Union was planning to extend its communism to other countries. The United States foreign policy was focused on limiting the spread of communism within America and abroad. In addition, President Harry S. Truman was tensed by Soviet Union success in developing atomic bomb hence ending an era of American supremacy on the weapon.

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The Chinese revolution propelled Mao Zedong and his Communist party and formed the government, fueled United States sense of insecurity. Thereafter, he made the Soviet Union an ally by signing a treaty in 1950. The United States citizen’s blamed the Truman government for failure to back up the Chinese nationalist that led to Mao success. Furthermore, the South Korea invasion created an impression and agitation that the Chinese and the Soviets were planning to spread communism all over Asia. The domestic pressure and criticism propelled Truman administration to act and protect the South Korea administration.

The Supreme Court’s ruling against schools prayer is a controversial issue that has been debated for a long time. Majority of the Americans objected the Supreme Court’s ruling at odds with school prayer. They have argued that religion in our schools is a mandatory and efficient tool to foster social moral behaviors.

Furthermore, it is a resource and irreplaceable tool for enhancing psychological balance.  Americans founding fathers who authored the United States Constitution were a wiser lot, they recognized and understood the importance of religion and included it in the First Amendment. Therefore, it will be against the freedom of religion from government interference.  It will also be centrally to the constitutional right of children who need to be protected.   Moreover, those against school prayers were politically influenced.