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Film Analysis

Meet the Parents Interpersonal Communication

Meet the Parents is a film that explores the weekend experiences and failings of protagonist Greg Focker, played by the actor Ben Stiller, as he attempts to win the affection of his girlfriend’s family. The film shows numerous relationships surrounding the family that serve, for the purposes of this paper,...

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Social Penetration and Symbolic Interactionism Theories in The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club tells the story of five teenagers who find themselves spending a Saturday together because they have been given detention. Each of the five comes from a different background, and each feels that they have nothing in common with the other. However, social penetration theory shows that by...

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Theology: “The Joker Assignment”

Being one of the most significant works directed by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight demonstrates numerous significant references to the Bible. Biblical images and deep moral concerns unite the film with both the Old and New Testaments. Among the most influential and effective scenes of the film, a hospital scene...

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Do Parents Teenagers Or Other Adults In Our Lives Know What Is Best For Us?

Released in 2002, Bend It Like Beckham is an entertaining comedy drama film that revolves around Juliette and Jesminder’s passion for football. Juliette comes from a native British family who have nothing against the idea of a woman playing football; on the other hand, Jesminder finds it very difficult to...

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Politics in Film – Position Paper

Movies and television shows are often used to make political statements. They are tools of art, of course, but they also provide a picture into the mind of the movie or show director. With that in mind, Barbershop and 24 are two pieces of popular media that have been said...

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Leadership and Control Strategies in The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada provides an example of an overt and opinionated leader in Miranda Priestly, the character played by Meryl Streep. When answering the question of what makes a leader, it is clear that Miranda Priestly provides an example of a woman in charge, however the question of what...

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Character Analysis of Kay Adams

Although Kay Adams, who becomes Kay Corleone, in both the novel and film adaptation of The Godfather is initially portrayed as naive and dedicated to Michael, the novel has her becoming increasingly submissive and complicit in Michael's criminal activities, while the film shows her as growing an increasing distrust of...

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Knowledge and Power in Rollerball

In the 1975 film, Rollerball, power is defined by the amount of knowledge one has, and restricting others from obtaining knowledge is used as a means of control. Knowledge in Rollerball is essentially a form of empowerment: by keeping the audience distracted with the violent sport, the corporations are able...

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Changing the Genre: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The 1974 version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre may be considered a part of the postmodern horror genre. If we were to assign this film to another genre, such as the classic category of horror, what would change? First, the realistic basis of the story would alter. The main villain...

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All That Heaven Allows

The production of films is not just an activity that happens spontaneously but one that undergoes a process of thorough planning before the end-product reaches the audience. The producers of these films and their entire crew normally put a lot of thought about the various techniques to incorporate so as...

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Interpesonal Communication

Abstract When individuals communicate interpersonally, numerous factors come into play that reveal much about their feelings, attitudes, positions, and such. Five concepts utilized in this paper are self-awareness, self-disclosure, irreversibility, humor and context. These concepts are defined and applied to dialogue among major characters in the movie The Notebook, based...

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Peer Pressure and Social Development in the Movies

The movie “Mean Girls” is a teenage comedy that scrutinizes the formation of high school cliques and the negative impacts cliques have on teenagers. The “plastics” are considered the most popular girls in the junior class. Regina and her two cronies are the plastics because they are abreast with the...

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King’s Speech Movie Analysis

In Analyzing the self, Freud states that there are three determining factors: the id, the ego, and the super ego. In either of these categories it’s important to note that all surround themselves with the self. In the movie The King’s Speech, the protagonist of the film, Bertie (aka King...

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Gender and Emotion: Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers is one of the most popular comedies to hit theaters in at least a decade. A combination of two important genres – bromance and romantic comedy – the film can provide insight into how men and women show emotion. The tendency of films is to exaggerate all aspects...

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“Borders” Film Review

“Border” is an African film directed by Apolline Traore. The film was originally cast in French as "Frontiers’” in 2017. The film was cast in France and Burkina Faso, and sales agent is Orange Studio. The genre of the film is fiction showing a journey of four women from three...

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The Legacy of Australian New-Wave Cinema

The Australian New-Wave of cinema emerged as a result of increased spending and interest in the Australian film industry, brought about as a result of its decline following World War II. Between 1970 and 1990, over 400 films were created in this era, and some of these, including “The Road...

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Modigliani and Semiotics

Within the 2004 film Modigliani, a strong semiotic current is present. In one sense, this can be traced to the subject matter of the film, in so far as its subject matter is a fictionalized account of the life of the Italian painter Modigliani, such that images play a key...

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Star Wars and the Past

Most of the Star Wars sequel movies begin with a text that takes the viewer to another galaxy a long time ago. According to many, this is a gimmick. However, the movie sequel gives the viewers a sense of what is coming because the franchise has much of its interest...

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Le Chateau De Ma Mere

In the French Movie “My Mother’s Castle” (trans. 1.) a family from Marseilles, France, finds the perfect vacation place in the country surrounding Marseilles. Mother, Father, and three siblings, including the eldest, Marcel, are enchanted by the cottage they rent and the lush scenery. Marcel in particular relishes walks in...

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Foiling the Unknown: The Discovering of Self in Boys Don’t Cry and She’s Not There

In Kimberly Peirce’s film, Boys Don’t Cry we watch as Brandon Teena continually teeters on a narrow ridge of “self”-awareness and “self”-denial. We watch him dress and perform the “self” of his mind, while actively stripping down the exterior world to its simplest and most innocuous potential, denying the reality...

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