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Film Analysis

Interpesonal Communication

Abstract When individuals communicate interpersonally, numerous factors come into play that reveal much about their feelings, attitudes, positions, and such. Five concepts utilized in this paper are self-awareness, self-disclosure, irreversibility, humor and context. These concepts are defined and applied to dialogue among major characters in the movie The Notebook, based...

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Peer Pressure and Social Development in the Movies

The movie “Mean Girls” is a teenage comedy that scrutinizes the formation of high school cliques and the negative impacts cliques have on teenagers. The “plastics” are considered the most popular girls in the junior class. Regina and her two cronies are the plastics because they are abreast with the...

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King’s Speech Movie Analysis

In Analyzing the self, Freud states that there are three determining factors: the id, the ego, and the super ego. In either of these categories it’s important to note that all surround themselves with the self. In the movie The King’s Speech, the protagonist of the film, Bertie (aka King...

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Gender and Emotion: Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers is one of the most popular comedies to hit theaters in at least a decade. A combination of two important genres – bromance and romantic comedy – the film can provide insight into how men and women show emotion. The tendency of films is to exaggerate all aspects...

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“Borders” Film Review

“Border” is an African film directed by Apolline Traore. The film was originally cast in French as "Frontiers’” in 2017. The film was cast in France and Burkina Faso, and sales agent is Orange Studio. The genre of the film is fiction showing a journey of four women from three...

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