According to my completion of the worksheets, I have pragmatic relationship with money. This entails that I see money as a means to an end above all. I do not value money in itself, insofar as it is only a tool with which to acquire what I truly need. In this regard, I am a minimalist, who prioritizes the necessities over affluence. My values are consistent with this approach to money. I understand that what satisfies me is that I am performing work that I feel is an accomplishment on a personal level.
This means that what will define success for me is my own personal and subjective feelings on success. Only I will be able to ultimately determine whether I have achieved what I want to achieve or not. In this case, this has both positives and negatives. If I receive positive feedback from others, but I myself am not satisfied with what I have done, I will most likely overlook the positive feedback, which is negative. On the other hand, I will always be able to keep a clear relationship with my own goals, despite what other state.

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In this sense, my relationship with money and values are not in conflict. Money is merely an end, therefore it is a medium which can help me feel that I have achieved something. My vision for the future entails that I will attempt to realize my positive value of feeling that I have accomplished something. At the moment, I have only ambiguous ideas about what I would like to do. I am still in a stage of personal growth. However, the values provide an anchor for my thoughts on this issue.

The basics of my financial plan accordingly mean having the necessary capital to realize my goals. When I realize my financial plan, I intend to use it so as to require the necessary skills so as to pursue my career path. Above all, this entails acquiring the necessary skills that will be required for my work, such as a strong college and university education. Money will be used to refine my abilities and make me something exceptional and attractive to employers, so that I will be able to enter a situation that is conducive to letting me realize my goals of self-fulfillment and feeling that I have achieved something.

Long Term Goals

S – To get a dream job where I feel I accomplish something.
M – To acquire employment
A – The finding of a job.
R – Acquiring an occupation.
T – Immediately after the completion of college.

Short Team Goals

S- Acquire the necessary skills to make me competent for my job.
M – To be accepted into a good college.
A – Gain valuable work experience.
R – Gain work experience.
T – In the near future, during and before my college education.