My relationship with money is extremely critical as it determines how I live. It controls each and every financial activity that I handle, in different ways. The core role is control of my budget consistency with my income. The budget control ensures that it does not go beyond my income which results to debts and little or no savings. Also, my relationship with money influences the financial management of the money I have in that; I am in a position to prioritize on urgent and important things while important but not urgent take the least priority. Hence, it enhances the financial management to generate wealth, purchase items and savings for a better financial future. The relationship also enhances the control of various financial mistakes. These include being a spendthrift, poor decision making during prioritizing and mismanagement of funds. Once these behaviors are done away with, I am convinced that am on the right channel of life.
Values are the various practices that one views as important in one’s life. Values are developed either from the childhood of a given individual to the maturity level. However, values change mainly due to the environment that one lives and also the factors that influence the particular environment. In my case, my money values concern the way I live on my financial values. Identifying my money values, the first thing to consider the money I spend while purchasing items. The amount I spend on buying both urgent and significant items should be higher than the amount I spend on luxuries. For example, in a group of several items such as food, clothing and a car, the food and clothes take the priority while the vehicle comes far much later. Also in a group of other activities such as vacation, education, and hobbies, education takes the priority. The reason is that my money values dictate that I should practice responsible spending which should influence my income earning and at the same time live with the respect to other people’s values.

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Moreover, my money values go hand in hand with priorities I make in life. In the spreadsheet 1.1, the most highlighted values are the values that show my value for money due to the security it provides. Hence, while prioritizing, I ensure that any activity that involves money secures my financial status and at the same time secures my future. The main point is that my money values are consistent values that show my value for money about the security it provides and how I relate with my money to build a foundation for a better financial future.

My relationship with money and my money values are consistency. The argument is that my relationship with money is to ensure that am in the right channel of life through proper management of funds and prioritizing on how I spend my money. The same applies to my money values seeing that they are meant to create a competent financial future and spending on essential and living according to the security I will provide with the money. Hence, my relationship with money and my money values complement.

My vision is a financially stable person, a person who will be dependent on oneself and one who will contribute positively to the society. The money values and relationship with money act as my foundation for my financial plan. The argument base on the fact that; achieving my vision I must respect each and every money value I have, and at the same time maintain my relationship with money.

Moreover, various goals must accompany my financial plan for its accomplishment. These goals include; savings, setting targets that are achievable, budgeting according to my current income and creation of extra time to work towards achieving my financial plan. Also, the financial plan must be an achievable plan that will go hand in hand with the finance budget set for its achievement.