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Conferences and Research Financial Analyst

Introduction National Council of University Research Administrators was established in 1959, which brings together professional individuals, who are interested in administering sponsored programs and projects under training, education and research that takes place at universities and colleges (NCURA, 2013). The council also annually arranges for conferences, which includes Annual Financial...

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Analysis Of Exchange Rate Hedging  Concept

Exchange rate hedging is a method that companies and organizations use to eliminate risks of foreign exchange that result from transactions in foreign currencies. This elimination is the hedging in this case. The fundamental principle of rate hedging is to ensure the exchange of currency during a favorable exchange rate....

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Financial Statement Analysis Worksheet

Current ratio= current assets Current liabilities = 2680112 1144800 =2.34 Quick ratio = cash + cash equivalent + short term investment + accounts receivable Current assets = 878000 + 85632 1144800 = 963632 1144800 = 0.84 The current ratio and quick ratio also referred as the acid-test are essential to...

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What Is Microcredit?

The economic progress over the last few decades, especially among emerging economies has been impressive by any measures. Despite technological and economic progress on a worldwide scale, poverty and class-divide continue to be major challenges and even trillions of dollars of aid has done little to alleviate the sufferings of...

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ADCB Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank towards Integrated Reporting

The financial industry inside Abu Dhabi is continually evolving. This is because there is a need for the sector to have greater amounts of transparency. These initiatives are a part of an effort to diversify the economy and attract a larger segment of investors. Recently, the government is encouraging these...

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