Hello Professor and Fellow Classmates,Safety personnel need awareness of Fire Protection Systems (FPS) to ensure they can adequately react to a fire emergency in time of need. For example in my warehouse we use FLIR Systems which have “Fire Eyes” thermal imaging cameras for automation and fire safety. The thing about FLIR Systems’ that impresses me the moss is the thermal imaging systems. These systems are state-of-the-art with thermal imaging technology that detects infrared radiation – or heat (FLIR, 2014). Other interesting features of the FLIR thermal imaging camera systems is related to the temperature detection capabilities and the complicated algorithms used to read the correct temperature values (FLIR, 2014). Lastly, FLIR designs and manufactures all the detectors, electronics and special lenses in their own facilities (FLIR, 2014). I like that we have these FLIR thermal imaging cameras integrated with our regular FPS systems in my warehouse because I feel confident that would be enough advanced warning in case of a disastrous fire or explosion emergency.

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Fire Protection Safety knowledge is critical for persons in many industries such as: the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, restaurants, distilleries, paper manufacturing plants, and many other industries with combustible materials on site. These industries all have the potential of a fire emergency happening and causing damage to the building, products, and personnel. Not only should the personnel be aware of the importance of fire safety and awareness at the facilities, but personnel should also be trained on how to react if an emergency happens. By having knowledge of the proper safety and fire protection systems, the establishment is protecting its many assets: people, products, and property. Fire Protection Systems are vital to any organization and play a crucial role in securing protection for the company’s necessary assets for production and operations.

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