Islam is a religion with a number of practices and requirements, but easily the most interesting aspects of Islam are the so-called “five pillars.” These are five things that every Muslim must do during his or her life. These things are interesting because they apply to all Muslims around the world regardless of what sect of Islam a person falls into.

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The first pillar is Shahada, or a declaration of faith. This pillar requires Muslims to declare that there is no God except for Allah, and they must also declare that Mohammed is his profit. This pillar is interesting because it forces Muslims to publicly and openly refuse all other religions.

The next pillar is Salat, or daily prayer. This is interesting because it must be done five times per day. It is also interesting because Muslims must kneel down and face the city of Mecca while praying. This requirement is one of the most public and visible, as large groups of Muslims are often seen praying together.

Muslims must also observe Salm, which is a period of fasting during the month of Ramadan. This is interesting because it falls during the time when other religions are celebrating by giving gifts. Muslims are required to make sacrifices during this period of time.

In addition, Muslims must practice Zakat, or giving 2.5-percent of their savings to the needy. This is interesting because it charges Muslims with being the keeper of those who are less fortunate. It sets a minimum amount, but Muslims are encouraged to be more generous when possible.

Lastly, Muslims are required to do a Hajj. This is a one-time pilgrimage to Mecca, the Holy city. This trip is interesting because it only required once in a lifetime, and if a person is physically or financially incapable of doing so, then they receive a pass.