(The play is set in the evening, the mother is preparing dinner, the son is playing his video games, and the daughter is listening to music on her iPod. She can be heard humming one of her favourite songs from a distance. )Mother: Dinner is almost ready, go and wash up

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(Her request is met with total silence, she has to repeat again, and there is no movement still from the children. So she walks over to the children and takes the iPod away and switches the video games)
Son: Mother, I was almost winning…
Daughter: Mum no way.
Mother: You are becoming so antisocial in the house it is as if I am living with zombies and am talking by myself now get ready for dinner as each of you tells me how their day went.

(As the children go and wash up the father walks in, and he looks exhausted)
Mother: Hello darling, how was your day?
Father: I am well; I had one of the most tiring and exhausting days at the office. Where are the kids?

(He leans and kisses his wife on the cheek)
Mother: Welcome home and so sorry for your day. The kids are getting ready for dinner
Father: How was your day? Was work okay?
Mother: Yes, it was got off early today.

(The kids are back and help in setting the table ready for dinner. After exchanging formalities, they sit down to eat)
Mother: I got a phone call from school today, the teacher said Anne is failing algebra, and Albert does not go to the field when it is time for the gym.
Father: Okay people you need to tell us what is going on before we go to school and talk to your principal. Come on out with it
Daughter: I do not like algebra plus the teacher hates me so much, she always makes me look stupid in front of everyone in the class.
Mother: but darling you are not stupid.

(She reaches over her shoulder and rubs it)
Daughter: I know mum, it’s just that algebra is so hard, and I don’t understand it
Father: do you need help with schoolwork?

Daughter: no (she takes out her phone and checks her messages
Father: Please put your phone away as we are speaking to you. We need to know if you are having problems at school so that we can find a solution.

(She puts the phone away)
Mother: Thank you. Now explain to us precisely what is going on in algebra.
Daughter: I do not like it, and I want to drop it
Father: You know that cannot happen. It is impossible to cut algebra it is a required grade for you to graduate from high school. In addition, if you are having problems with the teacher maybe we can have you transferred to another class.
Mother: Is that it? Do you need help or is it that you want to be transferred to another class?

Daughter: I want to be transferred to another class, and I am trying to understand the subject, but it seems so confusing to me. Moreover, when one or two people from the level get the concept the teacher moves to the other topic without finding out if everyone has already understood. So I feel like I am behind and I would like to get someone to tutor me as well.
Mother: Okay that settles it then. We will go to school and talk to the principle, and in the meantime, I will talk to someone from work and find out if I can get you a tutor as well. Is that okay with you?

Daughter: Yes, that is okay, and I will try my best and understand. I will not let you down mum and dad.

(The daughter gets up and hugs her parents, and the son tries to sneak out of the table)
Mother: get back here young man; you need to tell us what is going on as well. Why don’t you want to take part in school sports?
Son: I do not want to talk about it. (He shrugs his shoulders and frowning his face as he sits down, the parents exchange looks, and the daughter laughs as to mock the brother)
Daughter: It is because he is not good at sports and more so he cannot run.
Son: No, that is not it.
Mother: Then son, tell us what the problem is

(A long silence and then finally)
Son: It is because there is this bully from school who is very big and every time we are in the locker room changing for games he always bullies me because I am not as strong and as talented as he is. Last month, he locked a friend of mine in the locker room and me and told us we could not come out until we can fight him.
Father: Did you report the bully?
Son: No, I did not know the whereabouts of dad, I am too scared.
Mother: I am so sorry son for what happened, and next time something like this happens; please make sure that you report it to the relevant authority. When we come to your school, we will have to say the incident to the principal as well.
Son: Thank you, mum and dad

(He gets up to hug them)
(The scene ends with the whole family hugging as they finish their meal)