In the competitive business environment, advertising is essential for the organization in outperforming others. The usefulness is witnessed in the creation of the awareness among the consumers, which in turn increases sales in different states. In fact, the food industry is not exceptional, and many firms focus on advertising using the media.
The producers of the advert have used a dramatic picture, striking headline as well as a body of copy that develops the idea to attract the consumers. In fact, the photograph used helps to demonstrate that the product is unique, making the producers distance themselves from their competitors. The description provided in the adverts is attractive, and many consumers would wish to purchase the product. The food is characterized by an exceptional taste that tells the discerning cook that it is flavorsome and has lasting heritage. The first paragraph of the advert has been developed cleverly while the second bridges the gap to the modern dining.

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The producers have used “a unique taste since 1747” as a strategy to advertise the product. A unique taste and the period it was initiated attract the consumer’s attention because they hold that the product has a long lasting heritage, which foods from other companies may lack. This strategy acts as the best memorable way to promote the product. It is vital to state that the unique taste does not imply the sugary kind if sweet, but one that can be enjoyed with a particular kind of people.

Photos have been used to manipulate the American cultural ideology. Although there no human photo has been used, the one of tin that is typified by cool colors demonstrates how attractive the mustard is. Additionally, it is colored in such a way that consumers will see some flavors.
The product is Maille Mustard, and the rhetoric of the advertisement message is influenced by the colors that are closely related, showing how great the product is. Besides, some smoke is seen from the top of the photograph, which symbolizes sweetness. Indeed, the photo symbolizes the uniqueness of the product advertised

The intended audience in this advert is the working class. The recipient of the advert is explicit in the manner in which the colors have been chosen and the provision of a description of the product. The working class can learn what the product is made of as well as its importance in the body.

A symbol, such as a photograph of tin has been used while a metaphor, a unique taste since 1747 has been utilized. They reflect the organization’s culture, such as emotions, thoughts, and actions, as well as play a role in eliciting internalizing norms of behavior among the members of the firm. The company’s logo has been used to show consumers that the product is original. In fact, the logo makes the product unique because it belongs particularly to that firm.

When designing advertisements, there many assumptions that advertisers make when using certain aspects of cultural knowledge. For example, they assume that the consumers will know to interpret symbols used. Additionally, the audience will like the advert and purchase their product. Nevertheless, the advert does not conflict with the societal norms because organizations are expected to provide products that align with the community’s culture.

In this view, advertising all the goods should be done with a lot of care because consumers are sensitive to the photographs used as well as the language that is used. Companies that use attractive pictures and colors draw the attention of many customers compared with those that are not keen on their adverts. It is also important for firms to promote the culture of communities as well as countries to increase their profits.