Food Safety
Cleaning: of surfaces and hands
Cooking: Follow of recipes and instructions on time and temperature
Cross Contamination: keep raw foods and utensils separate.
Chilling: Avoid immediate placing of food in the fridge.

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Restaurants disinfect work surfaces to capture cleaning and prevent cross-contamination. Chilling is done by following the ‘use by date’ instruction while cooking kills off bacteria.
Salmonella found in raw meat, listeria found in refrigerated meat spreads, e-coli found in contaminated food and water and clostridium perfringens found in gravies, beef, and poultry.
Good bacteria such as Streptococcus thermophilus facilitate the establishment of a healthy gut.

The meat journey starts from raising an animal to slaughter then butchering, which is followed by grading, then cutting and ending in packaging and distribution.
The journey begins with preparing the soil, to planting to tending the crops then picking, grading and ending with packaging and distribution.
Immigrant workers provide cheap labor for farm activities, especially the picking of fruits and vegetables straight from the farms.
Migrant workers face occupational health problems due to factors such as harassment at work, lethal nicotine and pesticides and abject poverty.

Processing and Transportation
Pasteurization entails the heating of foods to kill off bacteria. The process can also entail the use of gamma irradiation. Both processes rely on the relationship between time and temperature.
Irradiation entails the use of radiation limited from high energy gamma rays to accelerated electrons to electrically charged ions.
UHP entails metamorphic processes done at high pressures to stabilize coesite and silicon oxide.
The five modern methods include smoking, drying, salting, sugaring, and freezing.

Consumer Science
The primary causes of obesity in children are overeating and lack of physical exercise. In other cases, genetics is also a significant causal factor.
The best way to combat obesity is to promote public awareness as a function of establishing a culture based on healthy eating and physical exercise.