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Coffee Production

There is no doubt that advances in technology can play a key role in improvement of quality as far as production of coffee and other beverages is concerned. Whenever specialty coffee café diners take sips of the unforgettable coffee they are served, the high technology that makes it possible to...

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Coca Cola Life

Coca Cola Life is a product from the think tank of the Coca Cola Company that is essentially a stevia-sweetened version of the regular formula. According to Suddath (2014) the company has "been quietly test-marketing its new beverage, the first addition to the trademark 'Coke' branded sodas in almost eight...

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Carbohydrates And Food

The quality of food and the products that individuals consume have considerable effects on their health and wellbeing. A person is everything that he or she eats. It is an axiom, which thousands of people in the United States and worldwide fail to acknowledge. As the burden of chronic illness...

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup, or HFCS, is a form of food sweetener that is made from processed corn starch. The processing of HFCS involves converting the glucose that is inherent in corn starch into a type of fructose, which is a type of sugar found in fruits. Although corn syrup...

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Tax on Soda and Sugary Drinks

The obesity has been recognized as a major health crisis in America and different solutions have been proposed by the stakeholders. While most stakeholder groups may agree obesity needs to be tackled on a priority basis, they may not always agree on the proposed solutions. One of the proposed solutions...

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The Green Revolution

The Green Revolution happened in the 1950s in response to greater demands for food from earth’s growing population. Two main strategies used to increase food production included developing more productive plant varieties through selective breeding and using monoculture to grow vast fields of one crop. With these new strategies came...

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Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a fast food concept which aspires to provide its customer base with fresh, high-quality food in a comfortable and friendly setting. Among its competitors are restaurant like McDonald’s, Subway, Arby’s, and Starbucks. Each of these other restaurants holds a more significant market share in the fast food...

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The Coffee Culture Phenomenon

Coffee has become a fairly controversial subject as its view has changed in response to the time. In the article “Coffee Drinking: An Emerging Social Problem?” by Ronald J. Troyer and Gerald E. Markle, the concept of sociological trends of coffee are analyzed. In doing so, it exposes the issues...

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School Cafeteria Nutrition: Persuasive Paper

IntroductionThe school nutrition program strongly impacts the behavior and the health and well-being of the students whom attend and eat at school (Cluss, Fee, Culyba, Bhat, & Owen, 2014). Over 55 million American children are enrolled in elementary or secondary school, and of these students, over 90% of enrollees attend...

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You Are What You Eat: Should Companies Be Held Accountable for Poor Health?

In terms of providing services and advertising various products, companies should be held entirely liable for the things that they propagate and the effects that the products have on the public in general. Given the nature of many products that customers are exposed to, there are many situations in which...

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Evaluation of Food Policy in the United States

Food policy is that particular part of public policy which is concerned with the way food is created, distributed and purchased by consumers. It can be developed by both non-governmental and governmental agencies. (What Is, 2011). In the United States, food policy began as early as the 1880s over concerns...

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Why Should Open Burger Restaurant in Germany

The name “hamburger” is derived from the name of the German city, Homburg. Therefore, it is apparent that the Germans have a culture of consuming hamburgers because even the name comes from a German city. In Germany, the political leadership is stable and it allows people to determine their own...

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Garde Manger Smoked Sausage

Smoking foods such as meat and fish dates back to the primitive era. It was a coincidental discovery where drying was the most used method of food preservation. People lived in small huts which lacked proper ventilation. The meats that that were hanged to dry and subjected to smoke emanating...

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Whole Foods Market, Inc.

Introduction It is a supermarket chain specializing in organic diets, serving the American, Canadian and British market. It recognizes its headquarters in Austin, Texas. It is among the thirty largest retail stores operating in the American market, grossing billions in sales revenues. The firm’s early years are characterized as a...

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Volunteering at a Food Pantry

So often, it is easy to assume that everyone has adequate supplies to survive and to do so in a hygienic and healthy manner when a person looks at their own circumstances and does not place themselves in a situation to see how others live. In other words, it is...

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Mandatory Food Labeling for GMOs

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have become a staple since the 1990s, when the first genetically modified foods came out. Since its advent at this time, GMO products have exploded in grocery stores nationwide, bringing about various concerns in many advocacy groups. In fact, nearly 80% of foods today found in...

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Prevagen: Brain Food or Fishy Supplement?

Prevagen is a dietary supplement which promises healthier brain function, a sharper mind and clearer thinking in otherwise healthy individuals. The supplement can make no claims to help Alzheimer’s or dementia; that would be illegal, for it is not a prescription drug. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act defines...

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Food and Academia

When thinking about problems that exist in academia, it is perhaps counter-intuitive to think that food could be considered one such problem. This is because we tend to think about academia as an entirely intellectual activity. Our studies, in other words, are primarily defined by our intellectual labor as opposed...

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Nutrition – Vulnerable Populations: Infants and Children

Vulnerable populations that include infants and children are often born into lower income families; therefore, their nutritional needs are not always met in a manner that promotes optimal health and wellbeing (Zero to Three, 2012). The economic conditions under which many infants and children live limit their access to adequate...

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Nutrition in the Elderly

Nutrition is of paramount importance throughout the lifespan, including during old age. Malnutrition is a common problem amongst people over seventy, which can result in premature death. Shatenstein (2002) identifies nursing homes as environments where the elderly are the most at risk of being undernourished. A nourishing and balanced diet...

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