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The Green Revolution

The Green Revolution happened in the 1950s in response to greater demands for food from earth’s growing population. Two main strategies used to increase food production included developing more productive plant varieties through selective breeding and using monoculture to grow vast fields of one crop. With these new strategies came...

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Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a fast food concept which aspires to provide its customer base with fresh, high-quality food in a comfortable and friendly setting. Among its competitors are restaurant like McDonald’s, Subway, Arby’s, and Starbucks. Each of these other restaurants holds a more significant market share in the fast food...

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The Coffee Culture Phenomenon

Coffee has become a fairly controversial subject as its view has changed in response to the time. In the article “Coffee Drinking: An Emerging Social Problem?” by Ronald J. Troyer and Gerald E. Markle, the concept of sociological trends of coffee are analyzed. In doing so, it exposes the issues...

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School Cafeteria Nutrition: Persuasive Paper

IntroductionThe school nutrition program strongly impacts the behavior and the health and well-being of the students whom attend and eat at school (Cluss, Fee, Culyba, Bhat, & Owen, 2014). Over 55 million American children are enrolled in elementary or secondary school, and of these students, over 90% of enrollees attend...

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You Are What You Eat: Should Companies Be Held Accountable for Poor Health?

In terms of providing services and advertising various products, companies should be held entirely liable for the things that they propagate and the effects that the products have on the public in general. Given the nature of many products that customers are exposed to, there are many situations in which...

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