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Consumer Advocacy in the Fast Food Industry

Consumers need an advocate for their needs in relation to the fast food industry. Fast food in America is big business. Fast food is a major employer, contributor of taxes, and it is available in nearly every corner of the United States for an affordable price, but the impacts of...

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GMO Food: Ethic Issues

Although there has been a wealth of research both supporting and raising concerns about the safety and benefits of GM foods, the ethics of GMO for mass consumption remains a moot point. McLean suggests that the safety of such foods are not the only ethical concern, but “sustainability”, and the...

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Whole Foods Market and Organic Products

Introduction Whole Foods Market Inc. is the organization that is located in America that is a supermarket that deals with supplying organic foods. Whole Foods Market Inc. Sells only products that meet the self-created standards for the "natural" organic foods that the company defines as the minimally processed foods, which...

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Fast Food Restaurant Owners Ponder Options

The fast food restaurant is one of the most reputable organizations. It is populated with several clients. This is because research reveals that most people prefer fast food. Hence, such an organization consists of several employees. These employees are responsible for various duties and responsibilities. These include serving of the...

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Food Contamination – Salmonella and E. coli

The purpose of this essay is to describe Salmonella and E. coli, their role in food contamination and preventative actions against contamination. Both Salmonella and E. coli are bacteria that cause illness in humans. They are both spread through contaminated foods, water and other sources such as human contact or...

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