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Henry Ford – A Management Pioneer

Henry Ford, born in 1863, belongs to a generation of American industrialists. He was one of the founders of the Ford Motor Company. He also authored the famous the assembly line techniques of mass production and thus belongs to management pioneers. Ford was born in Greenfield Township in Michigan to...

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Henry Ford: American Legend

One of the most admirable men in American history, Henry Ford made significant contributions to the world of industrial production and especially within the automobile industry. Most recognized for his work in optimizing automobile production through the use of the assembly-line, Ford greatly contributed to the modern day industrial practice....

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Ford Motor Company’s Quality Processes

Quality processes Ford uses for its products, processes, and management The year 1999 marked a dramatic change in Ford’s history in terms of quality improvement (Levinson, 2002). The company was joined by Terry Chenault. Along with Phong Vu, this risk management expert advanced the previously applied Total Quality Management (TQM)...

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Ford Motor Company Income Statement

Income statement is also referred to as profit and loss statement because it tells the readers about the profitability of an organization during a particular period of time. These periods may vary in duration such as a quarter or a year. The two major sections in the income statement are...

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Ford Motor Company in 2012

Ford Motor Company, also called Ford or Ford Motors, was made a corporation in 1919 in Delaware. The original Ford Motor Company was based in Michigan and had been made a corporation in 1903. The company sells automobiles including trucks and cars. Besides that, it also engages in the financing...

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