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Forensic Evidence

Forensic Psychologists

Abstract Social sciences like anthropology, psychology, psychiatry and social work are applied within the legal context and have been for decades, including the fields of forensic psychology, psychiatric, counseling and social work. The forensic psychologist career, in particular, overlaps with several others as it blends expert psychological and neuropsychological knowledge...

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New Forensic Techniques

There are several forensic techniques being explored for the future. This essay will describe the various techniques that are currently being researched. One future technique is called Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS). It is an up and coming technique that gives more data about DNA evidence. It will be useful for...

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Reporting Forensic Evidence

The purpose of conducting forensic analysis or investigations on a computer or information technology system is to unravel an incidence and expose a crime. The information gathered during the investigations has numerous uses, it could be for organizational consumption or use in the court. Regardless of how the information will...

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Forensic Evidence Analysis

Network systems are used by organizations for communication, completion of administrative functions, and file sharing among other critical organizational functions. Factors that comprise network systems have great impact on business continuity and workflow. Malicious people wanting to cripple the normal functioning of an organization will always target the network systems...

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Forensic Fire and Arson

Fire outbreak is a very critical component that should be handled with great care. This is the reason fire extinguishers are often endowed with crucial skills and expertise. They should be in a position of understanding various features and properties associated with fire outbreak. A clear and extensive understanding can...

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