Fire outbreak is a very critical component that should be handled with great care. This is the reason fire extinguishers are often endowed with crucial skills and expertise. They should be in a position of understanding various features and properties associated with fire outbreak. A clear and extensive understanding can be obtained through a comprehensive analysis of the two highlighted YouTube videos.

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Fire Behavior-Pt. 1
The You tube video signifies extensive factors regarding fire ignition and development. It reiterates on the primary reasons of getting into a deeper understanding of elements involved in fire outbreak. It brings out the significance of learning how the fire behaves under various conditions. This enables an individual or a fire extinguisher to come up with appropriate ways of keeping off the fire. To ascertain all these, the video cuts across various concepts such as the analysis of fire and combustion, identification of oxygen and oxidizing agents, analysis of fuel with regards to the aspects of pyrolysis and vaporization, as well as the evaluation of self-sustained chemical reaction and heat energy (Carroll, 2009). On the other hand; the video gives insights into the modes of heat transfer, stages of fire development, factors in fire development, the products of combustion, and the final analysis of distinct fire conditions.

Fire Behavior-Pt. 2
This segment encompasses the summary and analysis of the second video. The main point of view is on the aspect of backdraft. This is a dramatic situation that is caused by the fire emanating from a hasty re-introduction of subsequent oxygen to a combustion process in an environment with limited oxygen (Carroll, 2009). It exclaims the basic acts that should be done at the initial point, such as, the act of opening doors or even breaking windows. The other assertion is on the threats that are brought about by backdrafts to the firefighters. This redirects them on the essence of fighting fire from the lower point due to thermal ignition.

The two videos are very significant since they instill greater knowledge and understanding on appropriate strategies that should be utilized in curbing with fire outbreak. The main essence is that a clear understanding of fire behavior enhances higher chances of seeking adequate solutions.

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