Digital forensics tools have helped revolutionize the idea of investigative forensics and have made investigatorsÆ jobs much easier when it comes to uncovering evidence and analyzing it. Technologies like alternative light photography and high-speech ballistics photography are able to analyze a piece of physical evidence such as skin or bullet holes. Another tool that these investigative scientists have at their disposal is the DNA sequencer which allows them to test DNA and use the results to profile the criminals. If youÆve ever watched a police or crime show like Law and Order or Criminal Minds, you have probably seen these used in the show but havenÆt quite understood them. These sequencers allow specialists to analyze bones, fossils, skin, and many other things that can have traces of DNA. Forensic tools are often heavily reliant on biological data and technology, so itÆs no surprise that many forensic scientists get a biology degree or a science degree (ôAs technology infiltrates,ö n.d.).

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Some of the top tools for experts include x-ways, which are essentially in reading forensically acquired images. This software is often seen as superior in terms speed and digital imaging as well as overall strength. Other important systems include imagers and extractors, which are basically used to acquire disk information and system information (Morgan, 2014). In opinion, I feel like data forensics are something everyone should know about since these things affect peopleÆs everyday lives, especially if they are involved in some sort of crime whether or not they are the person who committed the crime.

I think that the most important tool IÆve researched is the DNA sequencer simply because it allows the FBI and CIA and local law enforcement to better identify the suspects and adds some evidence into what they deem fit. One of my friends was actually accused of a crime, but when the police took the evidence, they found that he actually was innocent and dropped all charges.

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