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Psychologists’ Roles the Law and Juries

The expertise of forensic psychologists is primarily pertinent to voir dire, commonly referred to as the jury selection process. On the one hand, according to Alison (2013), forensic psychologists are sought after by defense attorneys with the central goal of coming up with jurors who are sympathetic towards defendants and...

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Windows 7 Forensics

Windows 7 forensics, like any other forms of digital investigations involves carrying out investigative activities on a computer to get evidence for criminal prosecution or other uses outside the courts. Typically, computer forensics involves four major steps, data preservation, data acquisition, data authentication, and data analysis. The first two steps...

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Linux Forensics

Since the DigiFirm is planning to carry out a forensic investigation of the computers running Linux, I would like to report on three Web sites that offer valuable information about Linux forensic investigations and appropriate tools. The first Web site that should be consulted is Symantec.connect, particularly, the article located...

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Mobile Forensics

As an experienced employee of the DigiFirm Investigation Company, there are various key steps that I must take in securing forensic evidence from my device, herein the IPhone 7 plus. These steps and retrievable information are as discussed below: Steps involved in seizing evidence The first step is turning off...

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Forensic Investigations on Wireless Devices

Forensic investigations on a wireless device is an emerging field in forensic science and law enforcement. Particularly, through mobile forensics, digital evidence can be extracted by recovering, gathering and analyzing data stored in wireless devices. Examples of data that can be collected from wireless devices include emails, text messages, transactions,...

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Ethical Standards Used in Forensics

Forensic science is an integral part of court systems. The unit provides valuable information for determining both civil and criminal cases. Forensic science needs to have a set of standards and guidelines. In an analysis of digital evidence, in particular, three guiding principles are required. They include an adequate examination,...

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Incident Response Plan

IRP is a set of laid out instructions designed to give a fast, efficient, and organized response to the incidences of computer breach resulting from attacks, and unauthorized intrusion into both wired and wireless networks. IRP is an effective measure that organization employee with an aim of reducing losses that...

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Digital Forensics

Commercial forensic packages offer forensic investigators many benefits which help an investigator analyze and process the data quickly. Some of the methods included with commercial packages include imaging, recovering deleted data, searching for keywords, and viewing picture files. Another specialty feature of more expensive commercial software such as EnCase is...

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Computer Forensics

One may find several crucial aspects that address the challenges in the collection of electronically stored information. The current ways of storing the data in the mobile devices bear the risk of leaking the information. In the cases of dealing with suspects, there is still a slight risk that the...

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The Coming Shift in Forensic Identification Science

Forensic identification sciences are driven towards change by both scientific and legal forces. For a while, identification through forensic sciences had been considered to be of discernible distinctiveness. Nonetheless, these assumption has been proven to be inaccurate since there has been a growing body of evidence showing erroneous results from...

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Hair as Trace Evidence

Hair is probably the most frequently used type of trace evidence in forensics today; with modern advances in DNA analysis, the examination and comparison of human hair found at the crime scene is an informative, high-precision forensic technique. Its importance was understood early at the start of forensic science development,...

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Scientific Evidence Applicability

The Daubert standard, as illustrated in United States Federal law, can be defined as a rule in evidence that determines the admissibility of an expert witnesses’ testimony. As follows, lawyers and judges cannot aid in developing an accurate conception of the law where a scientific proof is required to convict...

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The Real CSI: How Reliable is the Science Behind Forensics?

1. Many aspects presented in the Frontline news piece documentary The Real CSI were new and shocking in that they did not fit my preconceptions of the field of forensic science. For example, the documentary shows the widespread use of forensics in courts and criminal investigations despite the lack of...

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