Macy’s, Inc.
7 West Seventh Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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ATTN: Terry J. Lundgren, CEO

Dear Mr. Lundgren:

I am writing regarding an issue that has recently arisen concerning a purchase I made just two weeks ago at one of your local stores.

I was looking for a unique gift for my mother and came across the most beautiful set of wine glasses. They were a very distinctive shade of lavender and could also be engraved with an initial. I was ecstatic because my mother is very difficult to shop for and has practically everything she could possibly need, except some awesome engraved wineglasses.

I spoke with a very pleasant sales person at the counter, purchased the wineglasses, and arranged for delivery to my mother’s house, since she lives out of town.

My mother called me a week later and thanked me for my thoughtfulness; however, there was a major issue with the glasses. One of them was completely shattered. There was an engraving on the rest of the glasses, but it was the wrong initial.

I was completely stunned. I called my local store, and was advised to have my mother take the glasses into her local store. She did that but unfortunately, the person she spoke with at customer service, a gentleman named Fred, was very rude to her. He adamantly denied that the glass could have been broken in transit and basically accused her of dropping the box after it was delivered.

I went in to my local store and spoke to the manager, who was very apologetic, but not very helpful. He informed me that once the glasses leave the store, the store itself is not responsible for any damages.

These glasses were not cheap by any means, and the engraving cost an extra $10 per glass. They were meant to be a very special gift for my mother. And to have this gift be practically destroyed upon delivery is more than disappointing.

I am very well aware that your company prides itself on its reputation. I am asking that you, as CEO, step in at this point and rectify the situation. I have done all that I can at my end without any satisfaction. I am enclosing a copy of my receipt to confirm my purchase price, along with the delivery charges. The receipt also shows the correct initial that was to be engraved.

Also enclosed, please find a picture of the unbroken wine glasses, engraved with the wrong initial.

What I would like to see happen to rectify this problem is a new set of wineglasses, with the correct initial engraved, delivered to my mother within the next couple of weeks.

I thank you for your time and attention to this matter. If you require any further information, I can be contacted at the address and phone number below.


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