I chose Forsman & Bodenfors F&B for my advertising agency analysis because of the long list of diverse clients that they have served throughout the years. Staffan Lamm is their Art Director and Partner at the Stockholm office, they currently have 38 clients, and 147 employees (although some outlets report roughly 300 employees). Their company philosophy is to “create world-class communication”. They recently underwent a large company change in ownership as MDC Partners Inc. positioned itself to buy the company. This move was made in order to “expand the business” to be able to compete in a global market (Vranica, 2016).
What distinguishes this company is the way in which they approach the work they have at hand. Traditional roles are often foregone as employees collaborate together to create the projects they are known for. Art directors sit next to copy righters, and account managers; giving them more ability to work faster and collaborate on idea with less red tape. This key strength gives the company an advantage in how fast they are able to produce and the quality in which they are able to produce. The company has managed to never peak by hiring key players in the industry, and partnering with the right organizations in order to continue thriving. They have received awards yearly for being one of the best agencies in existence.

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As for the company culture, they make interesting twists on their holiday parties by actually hosting a concert in large cathedrals for the Christmas parties, and the annual company party on the French Riviera. Although they are strong players in Sweden, they recognize the need to stay relevant worldwide, and want to eventually begin taking on international accounts. This is in step with the company philosophy to “create world-class communication”. They are best known for the 2013 “Epic Split” campaign for Volvo Trucks starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and this past December Volvo designated Forsman & Bodenfors as its global strategic creative agency. Some of the clients that they have worked for that I best identify with include H&M because of my frequent shopping experience with the company.

The agency boasts that it is a great place for any newly graduated students to gain experience because they will be instantly thrown in the mix, given responsibilities, and presenting to clients with their co-workers. In a short while, a newly hired employee, would have gained experiences that larger agencies in New York and London would barely allow them to experience (McKenzie, 2013). This makes them stand out from several other agencies for the recent graduate who desires more than just a title on their resume, but the experience that will take their career further for the following decades.

Their future plans are to stay in tune with the global markets and that is clear by their recent relationship with MDC Partners Inc. The fact that the company is forward thinking, realizing that due to factors like social media, the internet, and how communicate today; they must plan for advertising outside of their natural borders. This makes them a company that has great foreshadowing, discernment, and a great ability to engage clients and viewers. Their longevity, company culture, and approach to work make for a winning combination for anyone looking for a job in the marketing industry; but especially for a millennial who recently graduated either from undergrad or an MBA program.

Forsman & Bodenfors is a company that is in tune with the current global business climate, the trends in advertising and the workplace, and is creates a highly engaging product that keeps their clients happy. As a midsized company they are a great bet for someone who is interested in gaining a lot of experience in the advertising industry, and fast.

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