Parenting is a unique and difficult process, despite the love shared for children. Diana Baumrind (1971) identified several different styles of parenting: authoritative, permissive/indulgent, neglectful, and authoritarian. Research has shown that genetics and environment play a large role and influence in the development of human traits. Parenting style is determined by the type of environment that parent was raised in themselves. As categorized by Baumrind, the permissive parenting style is warm and response, contains few or no rules, is indulgent and lenient. As a result, children become prone to risky and impulsive behaviors, as there are little to no consequences associated with their actions, they can become egocentric, have poor social skills and finally, a problematic relationship with their parents (“4 Parenting Styles – Characteristics And Effects [Infographic]”).

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In terms to responsiveness and acceptance, a permissive parent appears to do both of those things. In responding to trouble or wrongdoing on behalf of their child, a permissive parent is very lax and laid-back, much to the advantage and happiness of the child. Bad behavior goes not necessarily tolerated, but not punished either. Attempts at punishment can come off to the child as unfair (more so than usual) and disrespectful. As the child becomes an adult, there can be a lack of understanding of consequences and especially discipline. The outcomes of this parenting style fall within the category of indulgent parenting. Compared to authoritative, authoritarian and neglectful parenting, the final of which can cause great physical and mental trauma to a child, permissive parenting style outcomes appear to be less harmful, yet still not positive in terms of development, especially in adulthood. The most helpful parenting style appears to be the authoritative style that is a healthy blend of warm and responsive with firm and disciplinarian. Parenting is a tough job, yet with the proper compassion and appropriate discipline, it can be done well.

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