One of the most beautiful human relationships is between that of parent and a child. But it is also important to understand being a parent can be a full-time job and not everyone is capable of handling the responsibilities of raising a child. At the minimum, a child deserves love, emotional support, and guidance from a parent as it tries to learn about the life and the greater world. Thus, anyone who cannot provide a child with basic resources including love and time or who may impose undue pain or burden on a child should never become a parent.
One type of people who should never become a parent is those who are married to their work. While it may be true that many people, who are married to work, do provide financial resources necessary for raising children, such an approach ignores the fact that providing financial resources is but only one of many requirements of being a parent. A child also needs the emotional resources from a parent including love and time.

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People who have unhealthy or destructive lifestyle habits such as recreational drugs or criminal lifestyle should also never become a parent. A parent is a child’s first role model and people with unhealthy or destructive lifestyle habits set poor examples for their children and may also increase the risk of their children engaging in similar habits in the near future. Thus, an individual who cannot be a good role model doesn’t deserve to be a parent.

People who do not have stable jobs or who do not have reasonable economic resources should never be a parent. A child depends upon its parents for the basic resources such as housing, food, healthcare, and education. A child cannot support itself until it has entered a working age, thus, it is fully dependent upon its parents. It is unfortunate when a child worries about food and housing while its peers play outside. An adult who leads an irresponsible life cannot be expected to be a responsible parent.

People who may be suffering from a serious health condition that is highly likely to pass to an offspring should also not be a parent. It is understandable for an individual to have a child but being a parent requires one to be selfless above all. A true parent is never afraid to make a sacrifice, and there are few sacrifices that rival foregoing the opportunity to become a parent so as not to impose undue burden on a potential child. In this scenario, one is not disqualified from being a parent due to a personal flaw but simply chooses not to put an undue burden on a potential child. A great example is a mother suffering from AIDS. The AIDS is a deadly disease for which no cure exists yet.

The relationship between a child and a parent is one of the most beautiful relationships. But not everyone is fit or deserves to be a parent. Such individuals are either not capable of handling the responsibilities of being a parent or they may impose undue burden on a potential child. Such individuals include those who are married to their work, who may have destructive lifestyle habits, who lack stable jobs or economic resources, and who may be suffering from a serious health condition that could be passed to an offspring.