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Petticoat Affair

Andrew Jackson was a very polarizing figure; he was also one of the most interesting presidents in the country’s history. Considered one of the first populists, Jackson is credited with railing against the bank and strewing distrust of establishment institutions like the private banking system. Jackson, however, was widely liked...

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Bernie Madoff Scandal

During the past couple of decades, some of the greatest scandals in the history of accounting occurred. These financial frauds were the reason of loss of the billions of dollars, which, consequently, caused the destruction of the businesses and companies, and ending or ruining of the lives of many people....

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What Is White Collar Crime?

So-called “white-collar crime” is a term that is largely understood in modern society to encompass certain crimes of a non-violent nature wherein substantial harm is caused to another entity, typically through methods of deceit, manipulation, or some other form of illegal circumvention. Many crimes considered to be “white-collar” in today’s...

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White Collar Crime Definition

One element of white-collar crime is that violence is not used against the victims. A second element of white-collar crime is that white-collar criminals are often business people who seem very respectable until they are caught. A third element of white-collar crime is that it can affect millions of people....

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What is One Difference between Street Crime and White Collar Crime

Abstract Objective: To discuss, and explore whether while collar crime is as harmful as street crime. Methods: Information will be retrieved from academic sources that will provide in-depth discussion between the different investigative practice between both crimes, as well as a review for some landmark cases of both types of...

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