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Petticoat Affair

Andrew Jackson was a very polarizing figure; he was also one of the most interesting presidents in the country’s history. Considered one of the first populists, Jackson is credited with railing against the bank and strewing distrust of establishment institutions like the private banking system. Jackson, however, was widely liked...

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Bernie Madoff Scandal

During the past couple of decades, some of the greatest scandals in the history of accounting occurred. These financial frauds were the reason of loss of the billions of dollars, which, consequently, caused the destruction of the businesses and companies, and ending or ruining of the lives of many people....

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What Is White Collar Crime?

So-called “white-collar crime” is a term that is largely understood in modern society to encompass certain crimes of a non-violent nature wherein substantial harm is caused to another entity, typically through methods of deceit, manipulation, or some other form of illegal circumvention. Many crimes considered to be “white-collar” in today’s...

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White Collar Crime Definition

One element of white-collar crime is that violence is not used against the victims. A second element of white-collar crime is that white-collar criminals are often business people who seem very respectable until they are caught. A third element of white-collar crime is that it can affect millions of people....

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What is One Difference between Street Crime and White Collar Crime

Abstract Objective: To discuss, and explore whether while collar crime is as harmful as street crime. Methods: Information will be retrieved from academic sources that will provide in-depth discussion between the different investigative practice between both crimes, as well as a review for some landmark cases of both types of...

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Houston Astros Cheating

Diamond (2020) dwells about the “Codebreaker” scandal of 2016-2017 with the Houston Astros baseball team. Though there are many speculations and suggestions, it is hard to know all details for sure. The article tells readers about the cheating formula created by some of the Astros’ team members and staff. It...

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College Admissions Cheating Scandal

Part I The specific issue in each of the college admissions cheating scandals that have taken place over the past few years, especially the one that is currently unfolding, is a total lack of integrity, honesty and personal responsibility. Wealthy parents, from actresses to business executives to coaches, padded the...

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Enron Case Study

Section 1: Introduction and Situational Analysis The Enron scandal, which erupted in 2001, was created by a complex blend of unethical business practices. First, executives at the Enron Company took advantage of the then-unregulated public utilities market, and began to sell commodities such as natural gas and electricity at market...

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White Collar Crimes Essay

13VSA2001 False Personation - pretending to be someone else to get money/goods/other One of the easiest ways to falsely personate another would be easily carried out by an identical twin or a sibling who was very close in age and closely resembled their sibling. A twin could obtain a copy...

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CSR at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is in the spotlight again for allegations of unethical behavior following the recent scandal of fraudulent consumer activity performed by employees, some of whom were fired when attempting to bring attention to the unethical issue. One-fourth of the banking Big Four has been added to the list of...

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Five Types of Insurance Fraud

The five types of insurance frauds would be ranked in the order of severity from the worst to the least egregious as follows: exaggerating injuries, falsifying medical treatment or billing fraud, inflating damages, falsifying information on an application, and rate evasion respectively. Notably, even though all the five frauds entail...

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Analysis of Recent Security Breaches

McDonalds’ food companyMcDonalds’ food company is a great example of an organization that has experienced a security breach amidst the advancement of Information Technology security measures. Accordingly, the company’s website was hacked and user information decrypted to have access (Lueg, 2011). In the analysis that was conducted to assess the...

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Wells Fargo Scandal

Wells Fargo is involved in a huge scandal. At the beginning of September, the bank employees of Wells Fargo were accused of opening accounts without customers’ authorization. The Wells Fargo scandal not only reveals the hidden problem within the named bank, but also underpins the problem within whole banking system....

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ENRON Scandal

What went wrong? The Enron scandal emerged in 2001 and led to the collapse of Enron Corporation, one of the largest America’s companies at the time. The scandal involved Enron and its external auditors, Arthur Anderson, and it was associated with audit failures about the company’s operations and cash flow....

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Insurance Fraud Paper Sample

Insurance fraud often results in an adverse legal situation for the claimant. The cases of insurance fraud have increased significantly in the last five years in the state of Philadelphia. Ideally, every fraud case has its own origin that is derived from the nature of insurance involved. People often provide...

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Fraud Casebook: Lessons from the Bad Side of Business Case Study

Joseph Jones is the CEO of American Men’s Clothing and he has used money from the company for various means including to cover personal bills and purchases. He has also used this money to defraud his former clients out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Further, he is making restitution...

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Analysis of the Economical Implications of Tax Fraud in the United States

Tax fraud in the United States is the process by which individuals intentionally evade taxes or mislead their tax affairs to National Authorities in order to save funds and avoid having to pay large taxes on such entities as income and capital gain on investments. Tax Fraud can take a...

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Tax Fraud and Fiscal System

Tax fraud is as old as the first fiscal system. First of all, people are not really willing to share the money they gained by their own blood and tears with something as abstract as the state for the purposes, which are not always clear. Secondly, there is no perfect...

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Rio Tinto Fraud and the Future of Compliance

The case that I will be examining is that of Rio Tinto, a wealthy mining company, who was charged with fraud in October 2017. The issue at hand was the act of inflating the value of assets in the business. The assets were reportedly worth $3.7 billion, but were sold...

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The Tesco Scandal: Financial and Accounting Fraud

Tesco PLC is a multinational company whose headquarters is located in the United Kingdom, and deals with consumer products such as groceries and general merchandise, with retail outlets in different parts of Asia and Europe (Ahmed, 2014). The company has enjoyed a perfect reputation and a larger command of the...

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